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Never compromising on creativity nor comfort, team Fabmodula brings you its most innovative designs to your dream home.

FabModula before and after dark living room FabModula before and after living room bar setup FabModula before and after stright kitchen FabModula before and after L shape kitchen

The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space; Mr. Kishan and Miss Asha were our most satisfied clients, who left their housein safe hands and were gifted with the stunning interiors, you see above. Looking for an earthy and pleasant look to their new home, we were glad to deliver results that met their expectations.

FabModula before and after laundry room FabModula before and after bedroom with balcony

These were the pleasant words Miss Asha had to say after the completion of the project. We couldn't be anymore ecstatic;

"I remember we didn't proceed beyond the foyer design and didn't let them complete the presentation. Heart in heart I was cursing myself saying that this isn't working too!

We admit that our ideas were a bit nebulous for anyone sane to get it at the first go- “Our love for a clutter free space, need for a home and not a hotel lobby, a grandma style kitchen with all possible modular add- ons dabbed with a rustic finish, a mural painting in the living with a bar bang opposite to it and numerous other trivia ending with – A POSTER BED!

With much difficulty we agreed for a second design review and were totally prepared for a heartbreak. This time we did proceed beyond the foyer onto the living room and then we knew our search for an interior designer ended there!

We moved into our dream home few months later and every single time that we step out, we crave to get back home, cause we are in love with how FabModula made a HOME of a house!

Thank you Dinesh, Jon and team!”

FabModula before and after bedroom with cupboard

So why settle for anything less than the best?

When you can turn your visuals into designs and make every corner of your home like you have always imagined it. Be it your living room, kitchen, dining area or your kids' room. Fabmodula creates an aura by etching your personality into it, also never compromising on your comforts.

Mr. Kishen' interiors were decorated with stoned wall cladding, a lovely bar unit, an eccentric kitchen, the perfect kid's room and a cozy colour palette for the walls.

FabModula before and after office workstation

Mr. Kishen' and Miss Asha' little boy was not an ordinary kid; with the brains of a genius, designing his room was a challenge in itself. Making sure that the room is neither too kiddish nor adult-like, we had to deliver a room with the right balance. Who says grown-ups can't have Spiderman fans, right? Never let the kid in you die!The kids’ room were enhanced with textured wallpapers, customized furniture pieces and décor, as per the client's requests.

Aesthetics, durability and comfort are always the main concerns while selecting the product for your home. Designer wardrobes are one way towards clearing problems of space and convenience, which also adds to the originality of your home. Fabmodula, a team of creative interior designers from Bangalore offers you top residential interiors with utmost care and efficiency at your doorstep.

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