Wall decors

Tired of the same old boring empty walls? Then here’s your solution.

No blank walls can ever meet the breathtaking wall accents that can complete your space. Wall decors are definitely one of the most defining category for home interiors.

FabModula, one of the top interior designers in Bangalore brings you few tips for designing the perfect walls for your home. These wall decors can never run of style, so choose what suits you best!

Wall clocks

No home is complete without a beautiful and elegant wall clock! Wall clocks can be used to accentuate every interior space, be it your bedroom, living room or guest rooms. With an availability of endless styles, wall clocks can fit perfectly into your home interiors according to your liking.

Wall mirrors

These accents are a necessity at every household. Multifunctional and available in different styles, wall mirrors beautify your home with as much elegance as you look for. The umpteen kinds of mirror frames, materials, design and so on lets you find the perfect match for your rooms.

Gallery wall

A walk down the memory lane! You can never run get tired of this one. Ensemble your favorite photos, objects and everything else to deck up your walls. Infusing your walls with warmth and style, they turn your blank walls into a creative space, without even spending a dime.

Natural pieces

Wooden frames, antique pieces and anything that brings the outside in, can never run out of style! Spent a dime for the forever limelight. Add natural accents such as wooden wall lamps, butterfly print blends and more to achieve this look.

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