Giridhar's home

It's said that, all of us are born like a blank slate with innate goodness, waiting to be filled with experiences. Similarly, as you give your new built home to FabModula, one of the top Interior designers in Bangalore, we aim at bringing your dream home alive, awaiting you for the best living experience one can have.

Giridhar's home was yet another favorite project of ours. Contemporary minimalistic interiors complimented with woodworks and nude hues, the interiors were stunning sight and our client couldn't be any more glad with the work.

Bedrooms are never to be compromised upon. As you get back from your tiring days' work, FabModula welcomes you with the most comforting and functional space, to put you away to sleep. With utmost precision, we crave out spaces that provide multiple storage facilities with undying aesthetics; well-lighted rooms give you an airy and fresh aura all around

Meant for a sophisticated setting -- sleek and clutter-free spaces are the most central features of a Modern kitchen. Simple hardware with strong, clean and horizontal lines denotes a style, which brings out the natural beauty of the materials used. Giridhar's house was a complete success in blending together sophistication with functionality.