Satheesh – before & after

The designs of Mr. Satheesh’s home, as elegant and simple as it may look, was one of the most challenging and innovative projects Fabmodula had taken up. This project was not an easy one and let me tell you why.

Finished Interiors

Thefinished beautiful and spacious interiors of the homeas you see nowhad arisen from a problem that washard for so many others to solve. The first meeting with our client Mr. Satheesh, the owner of the above home, was with the only motive of removingan obstacle that held him back from building his dream home.

The supporting beam in the middle of the hall was the dilemma, we had to resolve. How do you make your hall look magnificent when there stands a beam so out of place? Getting rid of it was not an option, as it provided support to the rest of the top floor. After talking to several architects to no avail, MrSatheesh approached us, andwe triumphed in providing him with a solution.

The thought processes seemed to direct you towards getting rid of the beam or making it less noticeable, right? Isn't that what you just thought? Well, the possibility for such a solution never came through. Soinstead, what if you decide to work around it or use it, and make it your strong point? That's exactly what came to our minds, at the very first look.

So working around the single beam, we decided to turn it into a pair, a dividend separating the dining area from the seating area. So there you have it, an innovative fix to the problem.

Lots of decor, hardware, lighting, woodworks and with solutions 'on the fly', never shying away from challenges, Fabmodula, one among the best residential interior designers in Bangalore, has been accepting challenges since day one.

We were glad to meet MrSatheesh' expectations and give him the results he was aiming at; this is what Mr. Satheesh had to say about team Fabmodula

"Fabmodula team is best-in-class. They understand the client requirements very well, do fantastic concepts & execute the project in a timely manner. They pick the fine nuances from our conversation & incorporate the very points that we want in the design. In addition to great aesthetics, the team is very well versed with the Engineering aspects. Regular site visits & supervision ensured on-time completion with high quality. Many thanks to Dinesh, Raghu, John, Prashanth & the team for a great design and execution. I would highly recommend Fabmodula team!"