Ravindra – before & after

FabModula before and after living room lighted

Thanks to fresh paint, furniture, fabric and a handful of creativity, Fabmodula, one of the leading residential interior designers in Bangalore, proved its innovativeness in yet another project, belonging to Mr. Ravindran. As easy as it may look, the initial stages brought along a diverse challenge that had to be resolved for its ongoing.

Wondering how such a small area ended up to look so spacious? Now that's where we need to get at. The initial layout for the living hall cum dining area was supposed to be part of the lower floor and the elevated area was meant for the balcony space, but as you might have already guessed, the architecture did not turn out so much as planned. With such limited space, fitting in both the aspects would have placed the stretch into a cramped up area. This is wherethe plan to redoing of the balcony area as a dining space came up. This not only made it a lot roomier, it also enhanced its ambience by giving it 'as pretty as a picture' balcony view.

FabModula before and after dining room and living hall

It is said that no home is complete without the added glamour of home décor. Adding to the aesthetics, decor such as mirror, lamp bases, string curtains and more, lights up the place, giving each corner a unique identity of its own.

Fabmodula has been pushing its limits and taking up new challenges since day one. Being one among the top interior designers in Bangalore, Fabmodula always lends the helping hand in fulfilling your dreams by not letting you compromise on, comfort nor functionality.

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