Top 5 trends for 2018!

Whether you are up for a complete renovation or a simple home makeover, keeping in style is always a requisite! Go through these trends before you hit the shops for your home purchases, to not regret it the next year.

FabModula, one of the best Interior Designer in Bangalore has every intention in keeping you up-to-date with the top 5 trends for the coming year. So keep scrolling.

Colours as a trend

FabModula interior color trend 2018 | black

The neutral supreme had overtaken the fabulous beauty of colours in the past year; we are expecting a comeback with a return to the 80’s- Strong colours and Designs.

So what colours? Before that, most importantly, it is about choosing the right colour to complement your interiors.

Don’t go overboard with colours- shades of green(personal favourite), pastel colours like mustard yellow, baby blue, mauve and more can accentuate your space. More natural and vitaminic hues to bring back the lost beauty!

The Pink revolution

FabModula interior color trend 2018 | pink

The Millennial pink has been all over the 2017 interior trends! With powdery pinks accentuated with shades of grey, coral and nudes taking the row now, it will be more about the Paler shades the coming year.

Don’t make huge investments on Pink heavy pieces, as it’s a colour who already had its chance. Design it to complement the rest of your place and not under the limelight.

Beige and brown

FabModula interior color trend 2018 | brown

Lovers of the neutral shades and the Grey hues, this is the 2018 trend for you. Beige and brown interiors speaks ‘exquisite’ like any other. Brown shades can be incorporated through wood works, wood paneled floors or walls and more; beige décor and furniture are always in-style, choose an interior style and go for this classy trend!


FabModula interior color trend 2018 | metallic

“Copper has been hugely popular for more than five years but it has reached its peak and brass is now the metallic of the moment,” says leading futurist Victoria Redshaw from London trend forecasting agency Scarlet Opus.Adding shiny luxury and minimalistic look to your homes, metallic décor are never out of style and definite watch-for in 2018!

Earthen décor

FabModula interior color trend 2018 | earthen

Organic interiors and a nature-friendly home will keep gaining momentum, as there is a trend of people wanting simpler lifestyle over anything extravagant. Elements such as open spaces, addition of plants, wooden décor and traditional handicrafts are what we are looking forward to in 2018.

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