Wall art – A must for beautiful Interiors!

Wall arts are probably the last thing that comes into your mind while designing your home interiors. But if chosen carefully, wall arts can define your entire space- which makes it an amazing design opportunity and definitely a priority.

These guide steps by FabModula, one of the top interior designers in Bangalore, will help you choose the perfect artwork for an amazing overall impression.

Color palette

Finding your choice of artwork can solve the haunting search for the right colour palette. Use the piece of art as an inspiration towards framing the rest of your interiors. Select the dominant color along with the accentuating shades from the wall art to define your style.


This determines the tone of your room. As not all artworks are the same, depending on the style, artworks can add to the visual emphasis of the space. By using varied mediums of art, it paves way for the rest of the space.

Focal point

The great piece of artwork can be the highlight of your room. Every space needs a focal point that defines the rest of it, a design element that catches the viewer’s attention at first look. Choose the right size and the right design to pull off the style.


To fill up your blank walls, accentuate your interiors and to add the final spice to your space, wall arts are your answer. It is the finishing element that completes your space and bring on the ultimate interior goals to your beautiful home!

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