Diy creative wall paint ideas!

For all the teens out there, aren't you looking for some cool new ideas for your boring blank walls? Get artistic inspiration from these patterns, textures and many more to make your room as incredible as you are!

Here are some ideas from FabModula, one of the best Interior designing company in Bangalore, to help you paint beautiful walls!

Ombre walls: starburst ombre, wood ombre 3d, ombre hexagon

Ombre walls are super creative and easy! Grab your paint brushes and get artsy.

Geometric walls: in spring colours, geometric accent, hexagon pattern walls

Customize the colours of your liking and put your patterns of shapes together to fit your walls. Choose a few that complement each other and paint away!

Handwriting statement walls

Perfect for renters- apartments, dorms, condos. Liquid starch is the best when it comes to temporary wall art.

Mountain mural walls

This hand painted wall art mural are perfect if you murals. This peaceful mountain mural art is one of our personal favorite.

Drippy walls

Drippy walls are yet another easiest trick! Go for different colours which complement each other and start pouring.

Headboard silhouette

Add a little extra art work to your plain beds and make it look the way you've always wanted it to.

Dot wall

This is one of the easiest from the lot! Stick adhesive dot stickers or a paint the circles yourself does the trick when you want a fast, elegant statement.

Patchwork, stenciled wall

If you have a big space to fill, stencils are your answers. Quick and so many varieties!

Washi tape

One of the most commonly done wall art. Washi tape décor idea is yet another favourite as it's a bright, creative statement that covers both wall and floor!

Metallic gold wall art

Easy and super classy, if that's what you are looking for!