Elements for modern home interiors!

Your apartment’s decor ought to mirror your personal design. a blend of comfortable, inhabitable components that make a complicated, recent look and feel defines ‘Contemporary interiors’.

FabModula, one of the Best interior designing company in Bangalore has provided you with a method break down for stunning modern interiors; a couple of must-haves to confirm your house is forever fashionable, snug and inspiring!

Subtle colors

Build a base of neutral colors along with your main items of piece of furniture, like the couch, the board then on. Keeping it to refined colors and classic modern designs makes it stand the take a look at of your time.

Colours like greys, browns, beiges and whites aboard reminder timber and metal are the standard color schemes. Keeping complementary pops of color to stripped is most well-liked.

Natural elements

Not simply reserving natural materials to ancient home uses, organic components like wood, rock, wool, and teak then on may be used as beautiful textures in fashionable furnishing.


Lighting ought to be each helpful and geometrically designed. Illuminating your room’s style, the correct lighting decisions give fascinating, clean lines to accent your modern style. Usage of fixtures like floor lamps, track lighting, ceiling lights then on will produce a creative statement on your décor.


Smooth, simple, clean and easy geometric shapes forms the essence of a up to date titled area. furniture items ought to be easy and tidy, while not curves or any flashy decoration. A plush, soft furnishings to bring comfort and heat to your style, a marble cocktail table to elevate the design of your lounge space and principally keeping the couch because the central feature; the correct piece of furniture items outline your house.

Accent with metal

Metals like stainless-steel, nickel and chrome, that provides a sleek and complicated style are very fashionable in modern style. With a mess of metal finishes for your interiors, using metal for piece of furniture items, lamps, shelves and design to assist keep the design consistent from area to area. using of metallic components may also brighten up your area, adding to its modern design.