'Dinesh and his team can transform any house into a dream house.Thats been my experience.The design and delivery teams work in conjunction towards what is envisaged and they deliver the same within the stipulated time lines.Very happy with the work done and would sincerely like to recommend them to all potential homes who would like great and cost effective transformation.Wishing Dinesh and his team all success in their endeavors.'
- Mr. Manoj Maveli, Vice President Operations, Bangalore

'My experience with Fab Modula is extremely pleasant. The entire team of Fab Modula is thoroughly professional. I would highly recommend Fab Modula. The look of my interior is 100% replica of 3D design provided by them. Staying in a home designed by them with extreme happiness'
- Mrs. Neelam kadyan, Chartered Accountant, Bangalore


'FabModula is very creative and consists of a team of professionals who are attentive to details which is very critical to quality. The workforce demonstrate high quality workmanship. Minimal work at site and high quality is the USP according to me. Their design utilizes the space very effectively and accommodates most of your requirements. The design process is very detailed and the customer is involved throughout. In my case, I got exactly what I saw in the previous digitally simulated model.'
- Mr. Padmasankar Jadu, Senior Program Executive, Bangalore

'As an NRI, it was impossible for me to go onsite and monitor how my home interiors was shaping up back in India. It was a pleasure to work with Dinesh Padmanabhan and his FabModula team as they took complete ownership of the assignment and completed it with such perfection and finesse. FabModula has delivered to me immense value through original and practical ideas, aesthetics, quality of finishing, timely completion, and predictability of costs.They are the best home decorators.'
- Mr. Joseph Pachikara, PE, SE, Professional Structural Engineer - USA

'We selected Fabmodula after careful evaluation of 5-6 designers and our experience was awesome. Their designs are unique and completely customised to our requirement. Dinesh and Jonathan take complete care and personal interest for client satisfaction.
We are very happy and satisfied with their work. They helped us not just the interiors but other aspects like selection of curtains, lighting etc to give a holistic experience.'
- Mr. Anupam Ranjan, Bangalore

'We recently got our interior work done from FabModula. Designs are excellent and execution is flawless. Dinesh, John and team give very detailed attention to design and took care of whole execution without much supervision from our side. They are through professionals and good to deal with. Highly recommend FabModula and team to anyone looking for quality interiors.'
- Mr. Manish Goel, Director Engineering, Bangalore

'I was delighted by the work done by Fab Modula. Their design a an elegant and functional which not only catered to my requirements but due to their inputs from their experience they were able to make tweaks which really made difference between a good and average design. Their execution is great with good finish and great workmanship. They use high quality material and overall I am completely satisfied by the work that I got done from them.'
- Mr. Shyam Sankar, Program Manager, Bangalore

'Dinesh is good to work with. He has the best home interior design along with enormous commitment to quality. Through detailing is what makes his products very functional. The day our wall units were fixed at our place we knew why it was important to engage somebody like Fab modula. The Finish was just awesome. We wish many more people enjoy the pleasure of working with him.'
- Mr. Kurian Varghese, Quality Manager, Australia

'Dinesh has done complete interior of our row house. He has the best home interior design service and is very professional. Something unique about him is that he brings in his experience to advantage and comes out with very ergonomic and aesthetic designs which take into account usage of space and utility. He is very open to suggestions and works with the customer very closely to incorporate ideas which customer has in his design.'
- Mr. Vinod, Senior Program Manager, Bangalore

'We got our house interior done from FabModula and I am delighted to see their work - absolutely unique and custom design and excellent quality. What I liked most about them is that they engaged a complete team, a team of designer, engineer and operation supervisor right from day one and they were all fully aware of our requirement and taste. Their designer gave adequate time to educate us on new trends and made sure we pick the right things which gel well with the theme of every room. They have their own factory in Kerala and so we got authentic wooden furniture at unbelievable price from them. Overall very satisfying experience. All thanks to the team of FabModula.'
- Mrs. Shalini Sinha, Bangalore

'FabModula team is best-in-class. They understand the client requirements very well, do fantastic concepts & execute the project in a timely manner. They pick the fine nuances from our conversation & incorporate the very points that we want in the design. In addition to great aesthetics, the team is very well versed with the Engineering aspects. Regular site visits & supervision ensured on-time completion with high quality. Many thanks to Dinesh, Raghu, John, Prashanth & the team for a great design and execution. I would highly recommend FabModula team!'
- Mr. Satheesh Sadanand, Bangalore

'Dinesh and team took complete ownership and delivered aesthetically appealing interiors for my home. When I reflect on their work, three aspects stand out - Design, Quality, and Durability.'
- Mr. Tharun Unni, Bangalore

'I remember we didn’t proceed beyond the foyer design and didn’t let them complete the presentation. Heart in heart I was cursing myself saying that this isn’t working too!
We admit that our ideas were a bit nebulous for anyone sane to get it at the first go- “Our love for a clutter free space, need for a home and not a hotel lobby, a grandma style kitchen with all possible modular add- ons dabbed with a rustic finish, a mural painting in the living with a bar bang opposite to it and numerous other trivia ending with – A POSTURE BED!
With much difficulty we agreed for a second design review and were totally prepared for a heartbreak. This time we did proceed beyond the foyer onto the living room and then we knew our search for an interior designer ended there!
We moved into our dream home few months later and every single time that we step out, we crave to get back home, cause we are in love with how FabM made a HOME of a house!
Thank you Dinesh, Jon and team!'
- Mrs. Aasha P S, Bangalore

'The design and execution team are extremely professional. We've been more than happy for the lovely output from this firm.'
- Mr. Kishore Kumar, Bangalore

'I was referred to Fab Modula by a mutual friend when I was building my home. It turned out to be a good choice both from work and finish perspective and also from cost and sticking to deadline point of view. Mr.Dinesh & Mr.Raghu are thorough professionals when it comes to work and they took the liberty in suggesting many changes, while we were not sure how to proceed, which turned out to be very helpful. I am very happy with the work they have created for me. You can trust fab modula for giving you great interior solutions at a very comparable cost.'
- Mr. Seshu Prasad, Bangalore

'As a non-residing Indian, the decision to go with a commendable interior designer was a rather tough choice. We spent days if not weeks, trying to find good interior designers.
Finally a friend of mine informed me about FabModula. My Husband and I decided to pay Mr. Dinesh a visit with bare minimum expectations. We spent over an hour in discussion and we left the building with the relief that our hunt had come to an end.
Days later, we were given the designs; with which we were very happy.
Months later, we have a home.
Thank you Mr. Dinesh & Mr. Raghu
Regards to FabModula.'
- Mr. Ann Fernandes, Bangalore

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