5 elements of Minimalism- 'Less is more'

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The beauty lies in its simplicity. Turning into an extremely popular trend in the new age, minimalist designs are an ideal option be it for a traditional home in the country or a gorgeous pool house in the city.

When all is said and done, minimalist interior designs focus on less being more. It emphasizes on the texture, colour and shape of the décor.

FabModula, one of the best interior designing company in Bangalore, has some tips for guiding you before you go for a minimal home interior.

Colour: neutral

Usually dominated with a color palette of white, grey and black, and not more than 1 to 2 colours, keeping the background subtle is the aim. If the colours are too stark, you can accentuate it with coloured pillows or cushions. Addition of natural hues and metallic finishes are done in minimalistic interiors. Also choosing a bold art piece for the walls can add elegance.

Material: single pieces that really stand out

Choosing one piece or element that can really stand out is a great way to grab everyone’s attention. A luscious gray wool for sofas or the play of light over a metallic surface creates a spotlight for the otherwise minimal design.


Keep it simple, yet well defined. Clean, modern lines are the best for a minimal design scheme. The focus is on the shape and functionality of the furniture. Adding one unconventional piece to the space can create an impact, while keeping the rest simple.


Metallic walls, wood and stone combinations in bathrooms or kitchens, luxurious fabrics for the living rooms and so on. Instead of adding extra artwork for the rooms, what if the walls or the few pieces itself are the beautiful? That’s how minimal interiors work.

Space to rule

With minimalist interiors, only 20% of the space has furniture, the rest is left free. Minimalism avoids clutter and lets everything stand on its own. The furniture piecesare compact and dual functional; accentuated with other features, they take up lesser space. Open floor plans and neutral walls make the space look bigger and brighter.

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