5 tips for the perfect office space

Great office design/interiors take you one step closer to successfully presenting your brand value! An enlivening workplace gives you higher productivity, with wider scope of communication and the right environment for the employees to work in.

FabModula, listed among the best interior designers in Bangalore, brings you few tips for designing the perfect office space interiors. So don’t miss out on them while you are on it!

Lighting decor

Lack of natural light can have negative effects on your mood and productivity, which means well-lit interiors are essential to your office space. Tear down those boring interior walls, replace them with glass walls and bench desks to avoid cluttered spaces/office interiors.

Office furniture for interiors

Ease the workflow with the right set of furniture for your office interiors. Listed as one of the top Interior designers in HSR layout/Bangalore, we can assist you in categorizing furniture/interiors for employees, conference room and pantry as per the functional requirements. Go for cabinets and desks with a lot of storage space, to avoid the mess. Invest in comfortable, functional and stylish furniture.


FabModula color themed office room

Keep the background subtle with neutral colors, but don’t forget to add a pop of colour and fundesigns to spice up the energy of the cooperate interiors. Lighter colors also help in making the cooperate setting feel tidier; but also make it lively for the customers to come.

Break-out space

FabModula space white themed home office room

Create an interior for employees to relax and take a break from the usual work place. A little fun is important to lighten the hectic schedule, this aids creativity and productivity. Combine the pantry and recreational interiors; paint it with bright colors to make it lively.

Branding your interiors

Your office interiors need to define you! Branding should be infused into your space; it is an effective way of subliminal communication. Give your space identity- for example, the wallpapers or the companylogo as the focal point. Your physical appearance shapes your stand in the corporate culture, putting about the same message and image to the audience. So let’s not forget branding! FabModula, one of the best Interior designers in Sarjapur road and HSR layout, we have been designing dream homes since 2005 and have never failed the bring out the best within the space available.

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