Make your home more eco-friendly in a few tricks

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Creating a green space for you and your family can go a long way in preserving the environment and reducing your home’s negative impact on the planet. Building a greener home doesn’t mean conforming to the strictest requirements; it’s all about improving your home’s efficiency with a ‘go-green’ initiative in mind

With our expertise in smart solutions, FabModula, enlisted under best creative interior designers in Bangalore, HSR layout and Sarjapur is a trustable name when it comes to making your space excel the way you want it to.

Smaller is better

Be thoughtful of how you use your space. Design your home interiors depending on your lifestyle habits and requirements, this makes it cost-effective and more easily manageable. Smaller homes are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly resulting in smaller environmental impact.

Use extension leads

Use multi-socket extension leads for connecting all the appliances, so that you turn off all the appliances at one-go can reduce energy consumption by 15%!


One of the most practical and cost-effective way to make it more energy sufficient! Well-insulated home interiors require less amount of energy for heating and cooling the space, saving up to 80% in heating and cooling losses.

Open the blinds

For the winter days, opening the blinds can save up to 10% of energy used up in heating the place. Lights are also the best way to get some outside air into your homes interiors.

3 R’s- Reduce, reuse, recycle

Separating and composting kitchen scraps; reusing plastic bags, glass jars, papers and more without throwing them into garbage after a one-time use can help your pockets and lets you consume less. Smart recyclable waste management systems are ways to do the job and avoid unnecessary waste.

Solar panels

Converting around 15% of sun’s energy into electricity, solar panels are efficient in making a difference when it comes to energy consumption. You can also save up on your monthly electricity bill by half the amount.

Rainwater harvesting system

Use collected water to fill water features, maintaining landscapes, irrigating gardens and purified one for personal uses.

Replace bulbs

Halogen incandescent, CFLs and LEDs use 25%-80% less energy than the ordinary bulbs.


Go green and fill your room interiors with fresh air.

Low energy appliances

Energy star rated appliances are significantly more energy efficient than the usual ones, they consume 10%-50% less energy than standard models. Being one among the best interior designers in Bangalore, HSR layout and Sarjapur, FabModula will help you make your home feel warm and balanced.

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