8 interior design trends to always stay in style!

Every season brings in something new and interesting into play! This makes keeping up with the interior design trends quite exhausting. And there's no guarantee for how long will it stay in style for. So why not go a little off track and stay unaffected by the running time? Opt out of latest trends and choose classy décor for your home interiors, which is always in.

Below you have 8 designer tips from one of the best residential interior designers in Bangalore, FabModula, to keeping your home always style-fresh and in check for the years to come! - Timeless.


FabModula minimalistic dining room

Let the idea of living simple take over your mind, because sometimes “less can be really more”, in terms of perfection! Keep your home interiors minimal yet detailed to the right amount. A space that is uncluttered and serene can make it feel more warm and welcoming. Using natural wood, exposed brick, subtle metallic, plants and textured fabrics with foreground of subtler colours can give you the interior design you are looking for.

Classic neutral colours

Keeping the colour scheme neutral and adding textures to your pillows and planters are one of combining simplicity and class to your home interiors. Minimalism is all about keeping the balance in the room interiors. It allows you to tone down your furnishings to the bare essentials and provides you with a well curated space interior.Being one among the best interior designers in Bangalore, choosing the right interior décor wouldn’t be an issue while working along with us.

White kitchen

FabModula fully furnished white kitchen

There's nothing more sleek and stylish than an all-white kitchen interiors. It makes your space feel timeless, elegant, clean and fresh. White works best in smaller kitchens, it makes it look light and bright, giving off an illusion of a larger space. Adding natural wood to your white colour schemed interiors can make the space more comfortable to wander around. Tailored and smart-looks are always in style for home interior design!

Outdoors indoor

FabModula indoor plants for the outdoor feel

The key to creating a timeless look for your home interiors are natural elements; they are always as expressive as artwork and elegant as antiques, and decorating with them can never go out of style. It complements every home décor style; greenery brings in liveliness and beauty to every space. Whether it's a bouquet of flowers or potted houseplants, factors such as varied heights also play an important role in making the interiors look uncluttered.

Vintage- blend old and new

FabModula vintage themed decoration

Having a unique vintage piece in every room interior can change the ambience of it- comfort and individuality. Even in a minimalistic design, adding an antique or worn-out piece of furniture can create a collected, designer look for the home interiors.

Paint an old outdated piece with a great new fresh color, or upholster an out dated pattern with something new!

A bold front door

FabModula bright color outside door

Choose a bold shade for your door and excite your visitors at their first look. A home interior with a curb appeal is always in style! Be it a pop of colour or a solid wood majestic entryway, it is an easy way to add a bundle of charm. Match your home interiors with a beautiful door and make a statement.

Natural lighting

Keeping your home interiors airy and comfortable makes it most welcoming.

Use glass in a generous way to let light into your interiors. Natural light feels elegant, warm, inviting and definitely spacious- making it a timeless attribute in home décor/design. Using skylight, shiny accessories, mirrors and even a light colour palette can work as natural lighting for the home interiors.

Metallic decor

FabModula metallic themed living hall

While the designs on metal may change, the shine that brass or gold coated décor offer can never turn untrendy. Match them with mirrors- shades of copper and brass give out the sleek, simple look while also adding to the luxe factor for your home interiors.Being enlisted as a leading interior designers in Sarjapur road and HSR layout, work with us and we assure the best quality services for you.

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