5 ways to the perfect Christmas home -- Get a little Christ-messy!

With Christmas just around the corner, it calls for a house filled with merry-some guests and a table full of your mothers’ homemade sweets to binge on. Quality time with your family and friends, generosity, good will and a lot of happy memories- spread the Christmas charm by making your home the coziest to spend the holidays.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to go all out on the decorations! FabModula, one among the most creative interior designers in Bangalore offers you smart ways to bring your interiors alive this season! Let’s get your home Christmas-ready!

Prep your tree

FabModula christmas tree

Christmas tree is just the start,yetnothing can complete your Christmas home as much as the sight of a beautiful trimmed tree adorned with lights, garlands and tinsels. Welcome your guests with a small tree placed at a focal point in the guest room, to set the right mood.

Add some glitter

FabModula simple whitw and golden sting christmas lights

Simple white and golden string lights set the mood for a warm evening. Glam up your interiors with some glitter ornaments- gold sprayed pine cones, candles, snowflakes or maybe you can even string up a few sparkly starry décor and leave it on all winter!

Dine in style

FabModula festive christmas table

Setting up the perfect festive Christmas table goes without saying! Choose the right cutlery, a checkered place mat and whip up a centerpiece for the show-stopping statement.

Christmas entry-way

FabModula traditional christmas entryway

Create the Christmassy feel for everyone who enters your home. A classic traditional Christmas entryway is one choice to go-for; decorating your door with a Christmas wreath, a fresh bouquet of flowers and layers of red and green mistletoe to add the magical mist! Greet your guests with the warmest of welcomes.

Burst with everything Christmassy!

FabModula christmas present table

Turn the pile of Christmas present into a table worthy of presents, by adding festive wraps with cute tie-on. Turn on your favorite Christmas carols to set the festival mood, add a bit of holiday whimsy to your windows by hanging ornaments from your window with matching ribbons, make up the mantel to add glow to your room and keep it going by bringing your dream Christmas alive!

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