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Get Every Room of Your House Designed By Professionals

Many people still believe in an idea where hiring interior designers sound like a luxurious idea. But we, as interior designers in HSR layout, are here to make you believe that interior designers never work for a particular segment of the society. We, as professionals, offer help to every client that comes to us and want us to decorate their house and turn it to a dream home.

We one of the Interior designers in HSR layout do have sufficient years of experience in working in this area. We have worked with different types of clients, and we have the fluidity to work under plush environmentand also in budget apartments or houses.

What do we do?

So, if you are thinking of making the inner space of a house aesthetically beautiful but at the same time functional then you can always come to Fab Modula, a leading interior designing company in HSR layout. We do take every opportunity we get as a challenge and try to convert an interior space a space of comfort living. Experts here always offer a proper plan for every room that is present in the house before proceeding with their work.

Types of rooms and spaces designed by the interior designing company in HSR layout

Master Bedroom

We think that each and every room should reflect its personality. Master bedrooms are needed to be comfortable, and you should feel secure when you are using the room. Bedrooms are there to retire after having a tiring and exhausting all day long work at the office. So, you will need privacy and comfort, both while using the room at the end of the day. We try to provide the ultimate comfort that can soothe your senses when you want to feel relaxed. This room is designed by us keeping one major aspect in mind that our client must get a sound sleep at night and that atmosphere should not be missing. Also, if you want to spend some cosy time with your partner there, then that has to be taken care as well. We as best interior designers in HSR layout can provide professional expertise when they design this room.

Kid's Room

This has to be the brightest room of the entire house. This is the room which is for the children and we as professional designers, try to create a bright room full of positivity so that the children remain happy. We all try to provide the right amount of furniture there (also they have to be kid-friendly) so that your children can have a comfortable place to stay. We also try to decorate the room in such a way so that it can give wings to their imagination. Designers in us believe that it is the room where children can bring up their creativity, and it should also increase their productivity.

Study Room

We, as designers, know that a house is a proper mix of different kinds of rooms which serve different purposes. Most of the houses these days have a study room which is a great idea because it is the room where one can not only study but concentrate on whichever work they are doing. We try to make sure that the design of study room is such that one can maintain their focus and at the same time the interior of this room match well with other parts of the house as well.

Living Room

Designers do give a lot of mind and creativity when they are designing a living room in the house. It is that place of the house which is most exposed and visited by the outsiders. Hence it is a tough task to make a suave décor for a living room. This room must reflect comfortability to the guests who visit the house and this room at the same time speaks a lot about the personality of the owner of the house.

The best interior designers in HSR layout Bangalore, FabModula always keep in mind that not only the guests but the family members of the house also spend a lot of time with each other in this room and that level of comfort and aesthetic value should be given equal importance.

We, as professionals, look after the hospitality of the house interior and include every corner of it.

Beautifying a space in such a way which can appeal everyone and also keeping in mind the comfort and functionality of it is not a very easy job, and that is why; experiences over the years in this work along with latest skills are needed and we can offer you that as designers. The living room has significance in every house, and we never forget that significance while designing this space. We try to incorporate comfortability with some visually appealing style so that it speaks out a lot about the personality of the owner of the house.


This is an absolutely necessary part in every house because the food that people enjoy every day sitting at their dining table comes from that space. Kitchen has to be designed in such a way that it can give the client a feeling of proper functionality. It has to be appropriately arranged, and our designing team ensures that if you are cooking there every day, then the process has to be absolutely enjoyable for you. If the kitchen looks good, you will never be bored spending the cooking time there. Hence kitchen space is supposed to be given detailed attention, and we never stick to monotonous colours and designs there. The vibe has to be matched the creativity when decorating this space.


People want to rejuvenate and relax here, and our team of professional designers make it a perfect space where one can let go of their tiredness and come out fresh.


Our experts always keep in mind to provide the very best designing ideas. We listen to the client's preferences and try to match them with our experiences so that we can present them with a beautiful house and interior. Also, we see to it that it should not just look beautiful, but it is absolutely functional.

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