Settling for the perfect windows for your home is amongst the most important element when it comes to home interiors!

Listed among the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore, you can be sure of pick the right window style for your home’ needs with FabModula. A trustable name when it comes to making your space shine in excellence.

Skylight windows

FabModula home skylight windows

Serving as an attic ventilation as well as in adding light in the centre of a home, Skylight windows are both trendy and meets the purpose when you have limited space for exterior walls.


FabModula home casement windows

Clean, uncluttered views and effortless operation is what Casement windows are meant for. They are excellent insulators as well.


FabModula home awnening casement windows

Hinged at the top and opening out like a casement, they can be installed above, below or alongside a stationary window for extra ventilation and lighting.


FabModula home double or single hung windows

Not protruding out to the exterior or interior of the home, they provide efficient ventilation to your homes. A single hung window has its bottom sash movable, whereas a double hung window has both its upper and lower sash movable.


FabModula home sliding windows

An ideal choice if you are looking for ease in operating the window.

Bay or bow

FabModula home stationary window

A combination of windows often with a stationary window, they give you more interior space. A classy option to go for, if you are looking for a bright and airy room.

Picture windows

FabModula home stationary picture windows

These are large stationary windows; with maximum amount of light and view of the outdoors, picture windows offer you a nice picture window view.

Transom window

FabModula home transom windows

Installed above doors or above other windows, Transom windows are an addition to help break up the space and to enhancing your interiors.

Stationary windows

FabModula home stationary bedroom window

Usually done with conjunction with movable windows, these windows can be molded into any shape or angle as your desire.

Special shapes

FabModula home special shape windows

Rectangular, arched, angled and many more, windows can be customized with endless possibilities to accentuate the rest of your space.

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