Good flooring = Perfect finishing

Let's switch from the usual marble or tile flooring and opt for lesser known yet equally good options. Largely influenced by climatic conditions, availability of materials and also by trends/styles, the advancement in technology has paved way into umpteen number of more and more choices in today's world.

FabModula, one among the creative interior designers in Bangalore offers you with some of the unpopular yet creative flooring types used by home builders. Let's see what suits you the best.

Terracotta brick flooring

Extraordinary strength, fire resistance and extensive durability at pocket friendly rates! Plus, they are easy to clean, that’s some super power. If you are looking to add a rustic style to your home, this is one of the best options, because of its aesthetically versatile texture. It also maintains a moderate temperature to your living space.

Hard wood flooring

Available in strips, planks and parquet patterns, hardwood flooring despite being a high maintenance option can complement a variety of home décor. Its aesthetic appeal can make up for the expensive pricing, making it one of the most popular choices still.

Engineered wood

Backed by layers of plywood or recycled wood fiber mixed with stone dust, it makes it more stable and less susceptible to changes in temperature or humidity than pure hardwood. Nearly identical to real hardwood flooring, modern engineered wood looks most attractive.

Ceramic tiles

Made from a mixture of clay and shale, ceramic tiles come in a variety of specifics to create a floor with custom patterns. Choose from different styles like- glazed, porcelain, and terracotta and quarry tiles to match your look.



Prized for classic elegance.


Sophiscation, high stain resistance and durability. – Excellent choice for India.

Kota stone flooring

Natural stone which is affordable, hardy, durable and sports beautiful dark colours like blue, green and brown.

Kadappa stone (black limestone) flooring


Bringing in a distinctly sophisticated feel to your home décor, bamboo fairly resembles hardwood flooring and is easier to maintain as it is water and stain resistant. Best used in moderate climate conditions, as bamboo planks can plump up in humid weather.

Laminate flooring

Popular for its sheer durability and sturdiness and not to mention its effect on your wallet, laminate flooring is fairly resistant to stains and water damage. It is easy to install, but as for the negative side of it, once damaged, complete replacement is the only option. Make sure you go for a 'slip resistant' kind, if you are planning to shop for this.


Definitely team Carpet, as they are most comfortable and welcoming at a home! It is also the most versatile flooring material; go for the nylon one, as it is most durable and availability of different styles.