Allen's home

Haven't you dreamt of a beautiful house you would want to turn into your home? What about the cozy, comfortable house across the street you wished was yours? Isn't it time yet? Don't hesitate when you want to take that step; the clock is ticking and you are running out of time! Team Fabmodula, one of the top interior designers in Bangalore has nothing but the best to offer you in fulfilling your dreams. If you are not convinced yet, take a look atour work and decide for yourself.

It's clean, airy and comfortable. Earthy modern interiors are the right blend of sophication and natural elements. This beautiful home's interiors belong to Mr. Allen and his wife Ms Jisa. If you are looking for a natural and comfortable feel to your home, you're at the right place. Mr. Allen had set his mind on a specific genre of interior design and we're glad to have satisfied them.

Rustic tones, a colour palette of beige, ivory and cream, clean lines, woodwork that reminds you of your ancestral home and stoned wall cladding to give you a closer-to-nature feel, added to it's organic blend, these materials are what makes Mr Allen's living room so distinctive. Doesn't this room give you a very welcoming feel, making you want to stay longer? And that's exactly what we were aiming at.


For all the homemakers out there, isn't having the most advanced and organised kitchen one of the best attractions? Kitchens are not just a space for cooking anymore, it is the new go-to for gatherings! For the food lovers, it is alaboratory. So why not make your kitchen more than what it's conventionally meant for? Make it distinctive, functional and elegant.

Living Room


There's never a shortage for great looking bedroom designs. The fact that your bedroom is your personal space is unquestionable and therefore it calls for uniqueness. Incorporating your interests and personality into the designs, we come up with individualisitic ideas everytime.

How would your house look if it was completely empty? No windows, furnitures or accessories! Don’t worry if you are completely blank about what to do! Fabmodula can always assist you in framing a better picture as per your interests!