An art of patience and a work of heart- Gardening and different styles of gardening

'To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow'.

To create spaces where human and nature co-exist is beauty. Based on the cultural, historical and natural environment of the place, landscaping can take newer forms every time.

With expertise in Gardening, especially Terrace gardening, FabModula, one of the best interior designers in Bangalore is a trustable name when it comes to making your space shine in excellence.

The styles of gardens are as many as cultures and places are in the world, but in a very general way we can talk about it and make it insightful.

Woodland gardens

FabModula Garden Desgning Bangalore

Less time yet a dreamer? This is your answer; woodland gardens are a low maintenance way to grow native plants flowers. Damp and shade defines them, but this doesn't still rule out having a wonderful, lush garden, there are still plenty of other options such as native woodland plants which flower profusely and so on.

Tropical gardens

FabModula Garden Desgning Bangalore

Before you opt for this, keep in mind the tropical conditions and humidity of your location. Tropical and exotic species as well as abundant vegetation gives the look of the jungle, which is advantageous of or creating unevenness, requiring less maintenance.

Water gardens

FabModula Garden Desgning Bangalore

A courtyard water garden- the most perfect to provide a calm, reflective space to relax, don’t you agree? With water comes a lot of fresh elements- streams or rill bringing movement, waterfalls or fountains add relaxing sound and more. Also water being a magnet for wildlife, gear up for extra beauty.

Japanese gardens

FabModula Garden Desgning Bangalore

With a requirement of huge spaces, the landscape represents the cosmos, place of central importance in the Shinto religion. Water is an important element, with focus of detailing and simplicity rather than an abundance of plant life, Japanese gardens showcases everyday objects found in nature.

Urban gardens

FabModula Garden Desgning Bangalore

These are for all the city peeps! Don’t worry if you don’t have enough space to build a lush green garden. Rooftop gardening and container gardening being few of the options, there are always great alternatives for urban gardeners.

Go for container gardening over rooftop gardening as it is less affected by the changes in season and can transform even the smallest spaces, such as balconies, into a beautiful garden.

Cutting gardens

Special cutting gardens have either a few plants in particular or a numerous varieties.

Edible gardens

Your own personal kitchen-garden. Edible gardens can include anything from herb and vegetable gardens to edible flower and orchard gardens.

Children's garden

Get your kids interested in gardening. Choose a theme and get going, kids have a natural gift of imagination!

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