Accent your home with the Right Decorative glass

Whether you want to make a bold first impression with your entryway interior or if you are looking for the perfect blend to compliment the rest of the façade; decorative glass of the right texture and detailis the answer, to make your home interiors stand out.

A smart way to create an eye-catching and unique design to your interiors -- decorative glass adds to the curb appeal of your home. Your entryway defines the feel of your space; therefore incorporating decorative glass to your front door interiors brings in elegance.

FabModula, enlisted under the list of top interior designers in Bangalore tells you why decorative glass is the answer, towards keeping your homeinteriors stylish, comfortable and inspiring!

FabModula decorative glass window

Perfect accent to your home interiors

With limitless options of color, texture, opacity and other decorative designs, decorative glass adds visual interest to your home interiors. Add a dash of colour to your homewith a stained glass or go for a combination of glass and timeless motif to showcase the beautiful art of craftsmanship; make the glass reflect your personal style right at the entrance and as a glimpse for the rest of your house interiors.


Decorative glass offers you the privacy that clear-glass lacks. With a privacy rating scale of 1-10 and a tempered finishing, you have one less thing to worry about for your home’s safety and interiors. At FabModula, one of the top interiors in Bangalore, we have succeeded in staying among the leading interior designers in Bangalore since 2005, in result of our quality worth unique designs and commitment.


Like simple designs? Go for the Sedona glass- Arts and craft simplicity through slump glass, clear bevels, clear antique glass and caming. What about the timeless chevron designs? A gray antique glass with clear bevels, seeded glass, and bronze water-glass, and yet can still be customized to your choices for your home decor. Whether it’s for privacy concerns or to accentuate your interiors, with the number of simple and elegant options available, you can find just the right fit for you.

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