10 ways towards achieving an all-white interior for your homes!

List of Top Interior Designers in Bangalore

Ageless, classy and sophisticated in an effortless manner! That’s what White interiors are all about. Compatible with almost any other shade, white is the perfect choice for a flexible home. Also, its timeless style gives you an off from redecorating your home every year.

FabModula, placed among the list of top interior designers in Bangalore, gives you quick tips on how to achieve White Interiors for your home! So do give it a read before you go ahead with it. Don’t hesitate with decorating an all-white, it can’t get any easier than this.

Blank slate

Let’s start fresh with blank white walls and add on layers to it. This can spike up your creativity and give you ideas on how you want your room to be, let the room speak to you!Showcase your own personality and style through your interiors.

Balance it out

Don’t go all-white in its literal sense. Keep balancing your interiors with different shades of white, textures, natural materials and so on. Maintain the base as white and work around it.

Shades of white

Go for different shades of white such as pearl, cream, snow white and more. Incorporate them into the furniture as well; accentuate your drapes and other décor pieces in diverse shades of white to bring in versatility to the otherwise blank and flat space.

White and metals

The growing trend of combining white interiors with classic metal pieces brings about a warm and inviting look. Classic metals such as stainless steel and copper are a great pair for gorgeous printing.

Artwork as center piece

List of Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

A great piece of artwork can be the highlight of your room. Every space needs a focal point that defines the rest of it, a design element that catches the viewer’s attention at first look. Choose the right size and the right design to pull off the style.

Natural light

Choose sheer drapes, bare glass windows and more mirrors to reflect most light. Natural light can accentuate the white interiors and make the space look full of life.

Contemporary accents

Contemporary styled décor such as mirrors, vases, sofa and many more are a perfect suit to white interiors. This gives you the simple and minimalistic look you are looking for. Always have a focal point for foreground and keep the rest of the accents in the background.

Warm up

White interiors is not done the right away, can give off a cold and uninviting look to your home. Add cozy and comfortable accessories; layer up your space with light warmer shades to soften up the look.

Washable and stain-resistant

With white interiors comes the risk of spills and messes. To avoid this, go for washable and stain-resistant furniture if possible, especially for all the fabric décor pieces.

White kitchen and upholstery

Don’t be hesitant about the risk of getting stained; instead go for the choices that suit your white interiors. Being one among the best interior designers in Sarjapur road, Bangalore, we can tell you, that nothing else looks as clean and classic like the color white in your homes. As it is a color that goes with anything, you can style a white kitchen on both modern and traditional styled kitchen interiors.

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