Manish – before & after

Imagine your home completely empty- with nothing but the white walls and tiled floors; the thought of it alone makes you feel dull, doesn't it? This is where the role of an interior designer comes in. Fabmodula can turn your blank interiors into a pretty picture! Ranked as one among the leading interior designers of Bangalore, Fabmodula has been fulfilling dreams foreach of our clients. Mr Manish was yet another satisfied and happy client to whom we handed over a home of his dreams!

Living Hall

It's all in designing a space that suits your lifestyle! Living rooms are what catches one's attraction the most and paves the way to defining your personality. With the right mix of earthy and a tinge of boheminian interiors, Mr Manish' home felt like a vacation spot every time you walked into it. Strategic lighting and neutral colour schemes for the walls, along with the ethnic accessories adds to the overall feel of the room.


Bedrooms are the private space where one's individuality needs to be priortised the most. There's never a shortage of great looking bedrooms! It's the space where you relax and spend the most time gathering forces for your other activities; therefore, your bedrooms needs to be designed with special care.

With appropriate lighting added to a colour scheme of neutral shades, it gives off the look of sophiscatation along with meeting your functional needs. Bedrooms should have as little clutter as possible; though the biggest and comfiest contemporary beds in all of Manish's bedrooms are a sacrifice to bedroom space, the issue was complimented by its suitable placement.


Be it a really small or a humonguous area, as long as it tailors to the way you cook and use that space- that makes your kitchen a joy to use. Let your kitchen be more than just a cooking space by break off from the conventional ideas! Have a look at Mr Manish's kitchen to see how we have incorporated both functionality and elegance.

Study Areas

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