Styling tips that will transform your island kitchen

The kitchen is one of the important spaces in our home where we spend a few hours a day preparing for food and cooking. When the kitchen is spacious and well designed, cooking becomes a great experience. You love spending time in the kitchen. If you have an island modular kitchen design, you can make the most of it with certain styling tips.

Here’s a look at the tips:
  • Use wide islands in the kitchen for placing the accessories
  • The kitchen islands are just like your dining tables, and you can beautifully place a centrepiece on them. You can either invest in one big accessory or add colour and texture to the kitchen by having various smaller items. For a big island, a grouping of objects is a better option.

  • Decorative live edge
  • When the island is large, and you go with a grouping of objects, they can feel not linked to each other and lost. Thus, by investing in one long try or cutting board-like piece, you can give a clean and whole look. You can tie them together by placing them in a tray on the board to link the pieces visually.

  • Add some greenery to the kitchen
  • Who doesn’t like greenery around? It calms the senses and also makes for visual delight. Kitchens are the centre of any home, and you should try to make them a happy place. Having plants here and there in the kitchen will bring good vibes. Plants add life to any space and bring freshness. If you think that maintaining a plant is a task and commitment for you, you can go with faux plants. You will easily find faux plants that look as good as real plants.

  • Add contrast accessories
  • You can find some vintage and contrasting accessories to add to the décor of the island kitchen. If you don’t find anything at home, you can look for kitchen accessories online or at a store near you. When you keep 2, 3, or 5 items together, they look pleasant to the eyes.

  • Incorporate additional colours 
  • You can use whatever you have to decorate your kitchen. Take a look in the cabinet and refrigerator. You don’t always need to look out for something outside as you will find many things in the home itself. You can add beauty to your kitchen by placing limes and lemons or coloured fruits on the island in a lovely basket.

  • Experiment with different heights

You can have all the accessories at the same height to give it a pleasant look or get them all in different heights. This will add drama and interest. Never shy away from mix and matching the materials.

This amazing grouping of objects will create a lovely centrepiece for your kitchen island. Whether it is a plant, fruit, or accessories, every element will add to the charm of décor. Simple yet minimalistic things can add style to your kitchen.

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