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Island Modular Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore

Kitchen is an important part of your home where you spend time cooking meals for your loved ones. Thus, when planning the interiors of your home, you must not ignore the kitchen. There are various kitchen designs that you can choose from. However, you need extra space for chopping veggies, doing dry work, reading emails, or helping your kids in homework while cooking, island-shaped modular kitchen design is perfect for you. The island-shaped kitchen designs are very versatile as they offer not only extra storage space but also additional seating.

Why do you need an island-shaped kitchen design in Bangalore?

Earlier, the kitchen was only dedicated space for cooking, but over the period of time, kitchen dons multiple hats. It is the space where meals are prepared, and you take quick bites. It is the place where you catch up so into me time with your kids or spouse or have a phone conversation with your friends. Kitchen has now conveniently morphed into the centre space for any family. And maybe that is the reason we see more and more open kitchen designs.

Thus, it is important to make your home truly functional and aesthetically appealing by choosing a great layout, design, and style. It can be a good investment for your family's health and happiness. With the availability of so many options, it can be challenging to zero in on the best one. If you have ample space in the kitchen area, getting an island-shaped kitchen design in Bangalore can be the best option.

Layout options for island kitchen

According to FabModula, being one of the best interior designer in Bangalore we have installed many Island Kitchens. For an island-shaped kitchen designer, the island shape can be incorporated in any kitchen layout if space is not a concern. Let's have a look at the layouts of the kitchen to which an island can be conveniently added:

Not all the island shapes are the same as each one varies in width, length, and height depending on the available space. Also, not all islands need to be rectangular. They can acquire any shape depending on the style of the kitchen. Some of the popular designs are:

If you host parties frequently, a single island may not suffice your needs. Choosing a double island can add some extra room which can be dedicated to food preparation, dining, or entertaining. The double island can be placed in various configurations like:

Whether you can go ahead with a double island design depends on two factors- availability of space in the kitchen and the design you are looking for.

Why hire us?

We can help in transforming your kitchen into an aesthetically appealing and functional cooking space where you would look forward to spending some time. We have experienced and skilful designers in our team who execute your vision of your dream kitchen.

Our team first visits your property and evaluates it. They discuss your vision and needs and then offer consultation about the design that would suit you the best. Your opinion matters the most, and hence every step is finalized after your approval. The island-shaped kitchen designer comes with a final design, and once you approve it, they also show the layout in a 2D or 3D model.

Then the execution part begins. We do everything on your behalf right from negotiating with vendors to procuring the right material. We also help in choosing the colours for walls, kitchen furniture, cabinets, chimney, etc. for your kitchen. We also suggest best lights for your kitchen that are not only aesthetic but also offer ample visibility for cooking if there is scope for natural lighting and ventilation, nothing like it!

We execute the design irrespective of the size of the kitchen as try to make the best out of the available space. We can work on any kind of budget, whether small or elaborate and transform your vision into reality. It is time to give your kitchen the much-needed makeover it deserves.

For island-shaped modular kitchen design, connect with our team. We can offer free consultation on innovative kitchen designs that meets your needs. Get in touch with us today!

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