7 ways to get luxury hotel bathrooms at your home

Hotel bathroom interiors can either make or break your stay. The luxurious bathrooms of the hotel are always a highlight, making you feel like royalty. Even if you are not planning to spend on an expensive marble tiling, there are still numerous ways at your peril to give your bathroom interiors the luxurious look while also not emptying your pockets.

FabModula, one of the best interior designers in Bangalore (HSR layout and Sarjapur road), has a few ideas on how to make your bathroom interiors look like its better than a 5-star hotel!

FabModula | luxury hotel bathrooms at your home

Hollywood mirror for your interiors

Designing your bathroom interiors with a stylish huge mirror makes it feel bigger and brighter, Hollywood mirrors can bring the glitz and glamour of a luxurious lifestyle right at home!

Dim lighting for bathroom interiors

Install a dimming switch to set the mood which matches all your occasions. Another option is to have alternate lighting such as small lamps, scones, and candle galore to get the right lighting for your bathroom interiors. Check out the article by FabModula, listed among the top interior designers in Bangalore (HSR layout and Sarjapur road) for you to choose the perfect lighting for your interiors!

Neutral colors

Neutrals are the best for a baseline color palette. It gives you the flexibility to change your bathroom décor often; keep your look fresh by accessorizing it with seasonal décor. If you are looking for a pop of color, go creative on the focal wall and keep the rest of the interiors simple.

Fresh cut flowers

Nothing like fresh blossoms to make your interiors feel welcoming and elegant! Snip some flowers from your garden every now and then to keep your bathroom uniquely elegant and personalized.

Upscale towels

Who doesn’t love the incredibly fluffy and clean towels you get during your stay at a hotel? For your home, opt for good quality towels which are soft, fluffy and neutral-colored to match all your seasonal styled interiors.

Organized decor

Adding a few small trays can go a long way in avoiding the mess of strewn around bathroom products. Make the interior arrangement artful by using apothecary jars, cabinets and more to organize the toiletries.

Aroma for the interiors

A lovely smelling and luxurious bathrooms pleases the senses the best! Place candles, potpourris, or scented diffusers with relaxing scents to engage all your senses as you slide in for a bubble bath. Quite the luxury, don’t you think? Team up with FabModula, enlisted in the list of best interior designers in Bangalore and get yourself the luxury of a 5-star hotel right at your door-step!

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