Different types of Lighting for your Home Interiors

When approaching the lighting of your home, it’s important to know the types of lightings used in Interior design. With a lighting fixture for every need and every room, you can never run out of options. From simple floor lamps to elegant chandeliers, FabModula, one of the top Interior designers of Bangalore gives you insights on how to go about with your decisions in this matter.


Addition of more window space, skylights and so on can be included in your house plan. Incase of already done rooms, usage of sheer fabric curtains or roll ups are smart ways to increase the amount of sunlight your room is going to receive.

While adding artificial lights or other fixtures, keep in mind how much or how little sunlight you are allowing, therefore finding the right balance between functionality and aesthetics.


This includes Chandeliers and Wall scones, typically adding visual interest to a space. Think about how you want your room to feel like? Bright or cozy? Dimly lit and relaxing? And so on. You can also go for dimmer switches, so that you can control the amount of light given off.


Coming under the category of Ambient, Task or Accent lighting, these are light fixtures fixed above the ceiling with an opening to give out light. It adds sufficient light without overwhelming the space.


They are the daily use lightings such as under counter slight strips, reading lamps, mirror lights and so on. Keep task lightings on their own, so that unused areas don’t need to be lit unnecessarily.


Directional lights specifically used to highlight certain features.


Floor lamp, table lamp, desk lamp and so on can add character to your room while also providing task light. It complements the room’s design scheme and makes it more welcoming.

Aesthetic lighting

Incorporating lighting into sculptures, paintings and more are a growing trend at present. Spotlights and picture lights can be used to highlight art and show them off.