Ideas to upgrade your master bedroom over the weekend!

From DIY cushions to Hollywood mirrors, if it’s time for a bedroom upgrade, get a fab renovation done ASAP.

FabModula, one of the best Interior designers in Bangalore has some inspiration in stock for you for innovative pocket-friendly bedroom updates!

FabModula white themed master bedroom with indoor plants

Rug it up

If you are tight on budget, let’s not change the whole flooring but you can still get an equally innovative look. Add an area rug that measure about 30cm to 60cm on either of the bed, so that even your bedside table can fit comfortably on it. You can refer … for inspiration on how to choose the perfect rug.

Mix and match bedding

Replacing your old bedding can make all the difference! Introduce a set of neutral whites, ivory, beige and shades of white linens and then layer them with luxe pillows. A combination of textured and patterned cushions are easily replaceable and gives a casual, comfy look. Add a classy throw to give the finishing look.

Glamour mirror

Making your room feel bigger and brighter, the right mirror can bring the elegance of a luxurious lifestyle. Refer to our BlogSpot … to know which mirror suits your taste.

Lighting décor

While changing the whole lighting of your room can cost a bit, you can achieve the same look by getting new matching table lamps. Replace your original table lamp shades with classy pieces to fill the room with a peaceful, moody glow. You can refer our BlogSpot … to know which lighting to go for!

Focal wall upgrade

A focal point is important to highlight your favorite piece of décor in the room! It takes away the attention from all the less attractive items. Your favorite artwork or a collage of your memories, make it an accent wall to grab some attention. For an upgrade, maybe this time, unleash your creativity and DIY few of your most-liked wall accents! Refer to our BlogSpot … for ideas on wall accents.


If you pick just one art piece that speaks to you, that’s the best statement you can have. Don’t go overboard with the artwork, choose works that inspires you and gives new dimensions to your space.

Dress up the windows

Find draperies that fit your windows perfectly; install roller blackout shades which can be adjusted, keeping it style all the time. Windows with a valance can be highlighted with patterned curtains and vice versa.

Light fabrics

Make sure the colours you choose go with the colour scheme! Go for light-weighted fabrics and lighter shades as well, this is will make the space look more airy and less busy.

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