Types of coffee tables

An effective focal point for any living room, coffee tables are the perfect spot to place your morning cup of coffee and have the most beautiful conversations. While it might just seem as a piece of décor, coffee tables, if not chosen carefully, can make or break the design of your room. It can be styled to add character and bring a real ‘wow’ factor to the living area.

Pick the perfect Coffee Table for your homes’ interiors with FabModula, one of the top interior designers in Bangalore. A trustable name when it comes to making your space shine in excellence. But first, let’s have a look at all the options you can choose from.

Vintage style

FabModula interior designer products vintage style coffee table

Usually made with wood and meticulous detailing, vintage coffee tables are an immortal trend. The Koi Round coffee table, natural live edge round coffee table, bookmobile coffee table, Luray coffee table and the vintage round coffee table are the 5 vintage ideas for your living room set.

Contemporary style

FabModula interior designer products contemporary style coffee table

Though contemporary and modern style might seem interchangeable, contemporary is the current popular trend. Glass tops and metal bases, with sleek geometric designs are the characteristics of a contemporary styled coffee table.

Modern style

FabModula interior designer products modern style coffee table

Modern coffee tables are an outcome of imagination, with new detailing, shape and functionality in each design. Oak, maple, walnut and cherry are used as base material for this style. Minimalism is the hallmark of modern designs.

Abstract style

FabModula interior designer products abstract style coffee table

Abstract patterns have become the latest trend with the new ‘mix and match’ décor themes. Abstractly designed table tops and out of box leg patterns, can grab anyone’s attention. For people living in small apartments, you can bring together different genres and try your hand at creativity, following the abstract theme.

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