Six Modular Kitchen Design Tips for Novices

If you want a first-time modular kitchen for your house, you are sure going to face difficulty understanding the jargons used in this type of kitchen designing. Do you wonder as to what you should talk to your interior designer in relation to the modular kitchen designing for your home?

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We provide you with a guideline below on modular kitchen planning and designing.

  • Identify Your Kitchen Work Triangle - For those who do not know what a kitchen work triangle is; it is the location and space between the refrigerator, sink and hob. A major part of choosing a kitchen layout involves the interaction of these three essential items with one another. Make a rough sketch of your kitchen space before planning the layout.
  • Choose Colours Wisely - Try to avoid an all-white kitchen because cooking tends to result in many stubborn stains. All-white kitchens require frequent cleaning and maintenance. However, that does not mean you paint your kitchen with very dark shades. After all, darker colours draw more heat, especially in summers. You can combine light and dark shades to maintain overall harmony. Keep in mind that your kitchen colour complements your overall home décor.
  • Ventilation is essential - Cooking emits smoke and heat. Ensure that your kitchen has enough ventilation. Most kitchens are equipped with a chimney or an exhaust fan (or both) to vent out the smoke. Ideally, the kitchen must have a door that leads to a balcony or the washing area. This lets fresh air come in the kitchen which helps disperse the smoke from the cooking that gets accumulated inside the kitchen,
  • Kitchen Lighting - Your kitchen must be equipped with proper lighting. A well-designed kitchen having poor lighting will diminish the beauty of your kitchen. You can have regular lights as well as the focal or under-cabinet lights.
  • Don’t Ignore Corner Spaces - When making modular cabinets or drawers, we often tend to forget about the corner spaces. Nowadays, we have many options to choose from, to fill the empty corner spaces. An interior designer will help you to customise your kitchen according to your specific needs and preferences so that you can make optimum utilisation of the available kitchen space.
  • Dispose of it Right - Some people like to keep the dustbin in front view so that it is easily accessible. However, if you do not prefer to see the garbage can in the open, you can get built-in garbage bins. These are made to put behind a cabinet door, most often under the sink. Ensure that you have separate cans for your dry and wet waste.

We hope this information will help you get some ideas to create your best modular kitchen in Bangalore. Remember, these are just basic tips. Do proper research and put in a great deal of thinking while doing your kitchen interiors because it is a costly investment. Reach out to the modular kitchen interior designers in Bangalore to make your cooking space personalised, eco-friendly and functional.

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