How to design a large space

Figuring out the right layout for your large, open living room is a challenge. There are always few interior design tricks you can employ with minimal effort and cost. Whether you are living in a loft, have a living room with extremely high ceiling or simple have a lot of space to fill, these tricks by FabModula, one of the Top Interior Designing Company in Bangalore, will help you make your home feel warm and balanced.

Tall potted plants

If you have a space with extremely high ceilings, tall potted plants are the way to go. As long as your plant gets enough light, fill the vertical heights or bare lonely corners of your room with potted trees. Adding a houseplant can never go, it always add freshness and makes your home more welcoming.

Define zones

Arrange furniture to create individual spaces that flow and work together. In a large living room, you can divide the spaces into television-watching space, a reading corner, a small gaming area, a conversation space with your perfect coffee table and so on. Large rooms can function as so much more than just a large sitting area, just design it creatively.

Fill dead wall space

Don’t leave the walls bare, use artwork and paint to make the most out of space you are equipped with.

Anchor the space

Designing your space with a lot of smaller décor pieces can make it look cluttered, rather add anchor the space with larger décor and tuck in the additional pieces only to fill the space. Furniture such as sectional, large sofa, large coffee table and even a bookcase can be perfect accents to a large living space.

Creative lighting

Pick two or three lamps of larger scale paired with a classy chandelier to finish the look, and to bring lighting all around the room. No matter what size your room is, lighting can make a whole lot of difference to how your room feels. Too many lamps or too little light can make the room look awkward, so balance it out well as you choose the lighting.

Add layers

Build a cozy vibe by adding more layers to your décor. Add area rugs, hang curtains, baskets, and accessories to soften the space, also adding texture to the living area.

Two-tone walls

Painting your walls in two tones can make it look lower than it really is. Neutral shades can make the space cozier and warmer, making the large space more welcoming.