Inspirations to take from luxury hotels

What makes some hotels so special, tempting you to stay there a little longer instead of exploring the new city? It’s the comfort, the grandeur, the calmness you don’t have back home. So maybe this time you can channel some of that getaway sensation and bring in elements of various cultures back home.

Here are some ideas from FabModula , for recreating your home into a sophisticated heaven with some hotel magic in it.

Bold statements

What brings the grandeur to the luxury hotels? It’s the exquisite artwork that goes into it. Art adds character to the space; with heavy chandeliers, rich fabrics draped over the sofa and chairs and glamorous bathrooms, don’t hesitate to make bold statements for your interiors.

Monochromatic patterns/Get inventive

The color scheme of your room decides the mood of your space. Being the least expensive, room paint is something you can experiment with. Go for darker shades such as navy green, inky blues, charcoal greys and more to create a sense of drama, bring in lighter shades of ivory, honey white and more to incorporate elegance into your interiors.

Storage facilities

Keep the space organized and clutter free with sufficient storage units to keep the mess away. Get holders and decorative boxes to pack away the extra knickknacks.

Fabric walls

Featuring a rich textured fabric on your walls can add instant warmth and style to your room.

The art of tiling

Go for an eye-catching twist to your ordinary floors. Design floors that are too exquisite to be covered up with carpets; check out our article … for the different arts of tiling you can achieve for your homes.


Proper lighting makes your home inviting and pleasant. Choose beautiful lighting that serves the purpose in an elegant manner. Use the lights to highlight the focal points and to draw attention to your favorite pieces!

Matching sets for the toiletries

Apart from a pretty stool, an interesting mirror and beautiful lighting, co-ordination is an important element that adds to the sophistication of the space. Matching sets of baskets and trays to group bottles, not only keeps it organized, but also makes your bathrooms look glamorous.

Aromatic space

Good smell is an instant pleaser to make you feel good! Fresh flowers, potpourris and oil diffusers can give your home a signature scent that creates an impression reflecting the feel of a luxurious hotel.