How to make your Apartment look bigger?

While living in a big city, you are ought to find yourself living cramped up in a small space. But not to worry, FabModula, one of the best Interior Designing Company in Bangalore has some simple tips that can help make a smaller room look huge.

FabModula to make your apartment look bigger


Clutter never looks good and so this is the first step towards making the change! Decluttering is absolutely necessary to make your small space feel more expansive. Store it, throw it, gift it, donate it, whatever you do, get rid of the clutter.

Low profile furniture

Put furniture closer to the walls- this reduces the clutter- makes the space look more open; as furniture away from the wall makes the space smaller and feel cramped.

Go for furnitures with long and narrow legs that don’t sit right on the ground. Clean lines and simple pieces will make your space feel much more expansive.

FabModula low profile furniture

Lighter colours

Darker colours can make your room look more cozy but they also make it look dull, absorbing all the light. Opt for lighter colours, this makes the room feel more airy and lighter.

Monochromatic colour scheme

Choose colours of the same shade on most surfaces as it gives the space a more delicate look, and avoid making it look busy,

FabModula monochromatic colour scheme

Windows uncovered

More light, more depth and airiness. If you are concerned about the excessive light, cover it up with light fabrics or blinds instead of heavy curtains.

Mirrors and Lucite items

Placing a mirror opposite a window reflects the light and also makes the room feel larger. Mirrors and Lucite items are much in trend right now, they are both functional and accentuates the aesthetics of your home.

Built-in storage

Opt for multi-purposeful pieces if you are living in a small space. Built in storages are perfect for this, as the drawers can be used for keeping your clothes, while the open shelves can serve as a book shelf.

Light fabrics

Make sure the colours you choose go with the colour scheme! Go for light-weighted fabrics and lighter shades as well, this is will make the space look more airy and less busy.

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