How to design the perfect terrace garden?

A magnificent roof terrace garden brings the home alive. While maintaining complete privacy with the most incredible architectural view, terrace gardens are the getaways right at home!

Whether you have a rooftop garden or you are planning to have one, we, at FabModula, one of the top interior designers in Bangalore, have ideas and tips to help you in having the best of terrace gardening experience.

Capacity of roof slab

Before you start off, make sure you check the load capacity of your roof slab, to hold the weight of the soil, waterproofing systems, plants and other décor.

Allotment of space

For an ideal space to grow plants and for your relaxation, selection of space is important. Ample amounts of sunlight all throughout the day to grow organic vegetables or otherwise, a green shade net or greenhouse for the rest of the greens.

Essential pre-requirements

For treatments such as drainage points, preventing stagnation of water and to avoid leakage, care must be taken beforehand.

Raised beds

For a practical and stylish way to make a terrace garden, make a raised bed. With raised beds, you can grow a lot more of vegetables compared to containers. Also, make sure the surface of terrace is waterproofed, so as to avoid leakage.

Get the right soil

Use good quality light-weighed potting mix for healthy growth of your plants and its productivity. The soil needs to be a mix of soil conditioners, fertilizers and regular garden soil, in order to promote drainage.

Other aesthetics

Furniture that fit the style and theme of your garden should be decided beforehand. Incorporating seating of appropriate materials is important, as the seaters in terrace garden are exposed to the outside throughout the day.

After-care and maintenance

A proper irrigation system with easy access points is a crucial aspect for all roof gardens. By avoiding planting too many annuals or lawn grasses, you can cut down on watering and mowing.