Geometric Wall Painting Design Ideas

Triangles, squares, circles, hexagons, pentagons, cube and what not!

When it comes to geometric designs for wall painting, the options are many. Loaded with rich colours, criss-cross geometric shapes and modern designs, such wall paintings are eye-catching and look utterly mesmerizing.

You can also amplify the available space with geometric designs and match it with some funky decor and solid furniture. Geometric designs can be bold, soft and accentuated based on what you want.

Let’s look at some of the popular geometric wall painting designs to elevate your home.

5 Ideas to Elevate Your Space with Geometric Wall Painting Designs

geometric wall painting design ideas

Our Interior Designers in Bangalore has been working with many clients who prefer to have geometric designs on one side of the room or for the entire room to add a dash of colour and texture. Here are some of our top suggestions to have geometric patterns on walls.

  1. Softened Lines with Natural Colours

When we say ‘geometric patterns’, most people immediately think of bright cyan or yellow patterns paired with an equally bold colour, neon or electric blue. However, it isn’t so.

You can create soothing wall patterns with geometric shapes with softened lines and natural colours giving a sublime look. You can create a uniform design with geometric shapes instead of clashing crisscrosses with simple colours like leafy green or canary yellow with shades of white or black to break the monotony.

  1. Minimalistic, Geometric Patterns

Yet again, many assume that geometric patterns are loud and complicated.

You can achieve a minimalistic look with decent, minimal geometric patterns. In fact, our living room interior designers in Bangalore recommend using one or two such geometric shapes in wall paintings to accentuate specific furniture, decor or any other focal point in a minimalistic surrounding.

You can go for half-circles, cornered square or any other simple shape in a single light tone to highlight the space.

  1. Take Geometric Patterns All the Way

If you want something striking and bold, you can venture out of your comfort zone and extend the geometric design patterns to the doors and shelves.

Such a design creates an ultra-modern look and fills the space with zest and energy! You can have some attractive geometric artwork on one side of the wall and then continue the same design to the doors and the ceiling. This even makes the door look hidden and gives your room a major upgrade.

This type of geometric design is best for bedrooms more than living rooms. Our bedroom interior designers in Bangalore have worked on several projects where we’ve jazzed up the bedroom with geometric wall patterns.

  1. Mix Freehand Shapes with Sharp Geometric Designs

Infusing your personality into your home decor always works like a charm.

When you’re not satisfied with the usual geometric wall designs, then you can get out of the box and discuss some new, unventured design ideas with your interior designers in Bangalore.

For example, you can use a single shape to colour most of the wall and then go in with different freehand shapes and murals to give it a totally ‘you’ look. Add a big plant next to the design and handsome pastel paintings within the big shape and you would have an amazing wall that people can’t ignore to admire.

  1. Block Patterns with Photo Frames

Whenever you’re in doubt, choose block prints for your walls. There are so many blocks to choose from – some are bright, big blocks and some are small blocks. You can choose to have these block patterns in either one wall or certain portions of the wall. You can even have a dizzying wall pattern and opt for the complete wall to have block patterns.

To break the dizzying pattern, you can add photo frames spread across the walls in contrasting frames, a potted plant here and a figurine there to accentuate.

With these ideas in mind, you can start planning and customizing your own geometric wall patterns with multiple colours to revamp and elevate your home. Geometric wall designs don’t just have to be strict shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles, hexagons, etc. Let your mind free and think of innovative, freehand designs to lend personalization to your home.

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