Easy Cleaning Tips to Make Your Modular Kitchen Sparkle!

The kitchen is an important part of your house that helps meet all your food requirements. Hence, you cannot keep your kitchen cluttered or dirty at any cost. You may be having the best kitchen with the most modern kitchen interior design Bangalore done and the latest amenities, but it does get dirty with time. The exorbitant amount of money you spent on a kitchen interior design company to make a luxurious kitchen will do no justice if your kitchen is not kept properly. Your hard work and efforts to create a stylish kitchen go in vain if you cannot keep it clean and maintain it. We list below a few tips to help your kitchen remain clean and clutter-free. These tips are easy and will help you keep your kitchen clean without any stress.

How to Clean the Kitchen on a Daily Basis?

Instead of allowing dust to gather in your kitchen and ruin it, you must clean it daily. This will help you enter a clean and fresh kitchen every morning. Here is how to go about it.

Clean your kitchen at the end of each day to make sure no dust and grime build up over time.

Floor: With a broom, sweep your kitchen once or twice daily according to your convenience. You can also clean the stains with dabs. Avoid using too much water as it may ruin the wooden doors and cabinets.

Drawers and Cabinets: Make sure that you close the doors of cabinets, pull-outs, drawers after use. It prevents spillage that would give you the extra burden of cleaning. After washing the utensils, wipe them well before you arrange them back in their place. This will prevent the accumulation of moisture that is a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes.

Sink: Do not clog your sink with food leftovers or other garbage. Keep it free of accumulation of any dirt or scraps. This will makes plumbing easy. Avoid using chlorine-based liquids. Instead, use mild cleaners that do not cause any harm for rinsing. If you have a steel link, do not ever use rough scrubbing pads. Use the nylon ones. You can mix water and vinegar and use this mixture to wash off the sink and keep it free of germs and foul odour.

Hob: Keep food particles away from hob and once you finish cooking, clean it up immediately. Be careful not to spill liquid around the hob.

Backsplash and Countertop: Use organic cleaning agents to keep your countertops clean. Do not use harsh chemicals, as it will only make the surface scratchy and rough. Keep sharp objects far away, as it may destroy the glossy finishing. Clean the fingerprints and stains with warm water disinfectants.

Quick Takeaway to keep your modular kitchen sparkling every day

As you know now, cleaning your modular kitchen is not so difficult. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned quick and easy tips and follow the cleaning plan to keep your kitchen clean round the clock. Happy cooking days will be right here!

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