Different Types of Wardrobes That Makes Your Life Easier

Your wardrobe is the most commonly used furniture item in your bedroom, after bed. Your hand-knitted sweaters, high-priced shoes, torn jeans, classic leather straps, long-sleeved tops, work suits, shorts, and all the accessories you're wearing are all there. You should always ensure that your wardrobe's design suits your needs and requirements, given its regular use and the load it carries.


There are many kinds of wardrobes to choose from. For example, if you want a walk-in wardrobe, then there are many best walk-in wardrobe design among them to choose from. Here are some of the different varieties of wardrobes based on your need.

Hinged door wardrobe

This is the traditional wardrobe style that most Indian homes adhere to, having been in existence for years. The door is connected to the closet with powerful hinges in this kind of wardrobe, and thus it gets the term hinged door wardrobe. The most significant benefit of this wardrobe is that its shutters will swing wide open at a 90-degree angle outwardly and allow a complete view of the closet, making it easy to spot items. It also provides the advantage of hanging some slim accessories on the back of the shutters.

Free Standing wardrobe

For those who often change their overall home layout or who often move the entire home due to work-life or travel life, these wardrobes are the ideal option. For free-standing wardrobes, the storage room lies not only inside but also above the wardrobe. In terms of choosing colours, finishes, and door styles, these wardrobes also give you an enormous amount of versatility.

Sliding door wardrobe

It has sliding doors that slide along the metal tracks mounted to the top and bottom of the wardrobe from side to side, and it is not based on hinges to hold its doors. They give the most significant benefit of saving space by not taking up the room in front of them, as their doors slide horizontally. Besides this, the traffic flow in the room is also not impeded by this kind of wardrobe. So, in small and confined spaces, this wardrobe style functions well. Because of this sliding design, large rooms that require an extended wardrobe can also be serviced.

Walk-in wardrobe

You can take your bedroom to the next level of sophistication with walk-in wardrobes when you have the luxury of space. You can make more room and encourage your accessories to breathe well by integrating flexible shelving options and imaginative storage solutions wherever you choose. And since it isn't packed together, you will be able to sort and arrange your accessories more easily. Besides, without needing to search and shift through a cluttered wardrobe, you will still be able to find whatever you are searching for quite quickly. There are many walk-in wardrobe interiors Bangalore.

Customized wardrobe

For your accessories and belongings, they can turn even the tightest corner of your bedroom into a highly workable space. They are also a great choice if you don't want to compromise your wardrobe design with even a single element, whether it's the number of shelves within the wardrobe or its outer appearance. Often you may want your closets to do more than just store your accessories, such as keeping your dressing room, etc. Custom-made wardrobes are apt in such situations.

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