What constitutes a good dining area for your home?

Our dining area is the most productive and functional area in our home for we do a wide variety of tasks surrounding it. We eat, work, study, play, discuss, entertain, and create some wonderful memories too. When you design your home, you need to give a whole lot of thought to the dining room decor, its furnishing, layout, lighting, etc making it as unique and fascinating as possible.

Exhibit a distinctive and individual sense of style in your dining room so that the guests feel the warmth and are entertained while at home. Listing down a few tips to adopt to make your dining space the most awesome and inspiring:

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1. The functionality Design the dining room keeping in mind the purpose, how many members will be sitting? will social gatherings be held frequently? requirements of the family members? eating habits and preferences? the comfort of tables and chairs? can the table be used for online study as well as work from home purposes? The size of the dining table and the style most likely depend upon the functionality of the dining space. The furniture, style, and colour are chosen based on the function of the room, either official or casual.

2. Choose the right floor When it comes to the right floor for a dining area, use high-quality floors with less maintenance that will last for a long time. Choose flooring that helps clean stains, and spots, is more durable and helps in the ease of movement. On that note, the floor must also align perfectly with the design and style of the entire house. Opt for darker shades and designs making the dining area look mess-free.

3. Lighting - Lighting is an important feature in the dining room for it spreads more light and positivity in the room. Good lighting can set the whole mood and tone of the room, you can also modify the lighting depending on the room setting. We must not allow our guests to sit in the darkness or dim light, hence better lighting in the dining area is essential for guests to feel special and glowing.Have a drop-down single light fixture on top of the dining table as the primary source but also have more lights to make the area more brightly lit. Experiment by keeping lights at different heights to enhance the style and warmth of the dining room. A chandelier can always raise the luxurious and rich feeling of the room creating an opulent and plush feel.

4. Choose the right colour scheme Design the dining room using the right colour, for the colour you choose can set the mood for a brightly lit or dark and sumptuous dining area. if you are going to be using up the space for most of the day make a wise decision and choose soothing colours like blues, greens, or neutral colours. But if it is solely used for entertaining guests then maybe try a rich tone.

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5. Add a patterned wallpaper If not fresh paint, add a vibrant and versatile pattern wallpaper to bring life to your dining spaces . Go crazy and try fresh patterns, bold colours, and prints and explore new stuff for when good food, good people, good lighting, and good music combine it can let out an explosive energy set on a statement dining space. Wallpapers are capable of lifting your mood and even starting a new conversation with their bold patterns, geometrical design, and floral prints.

6. The perfect dining furniture When it comes to choosing the perfect dining room furniture, choose between fun, creative, or classy and royal. Buy a dining table that has adequate seating at the right height for all the guests and the most comfortable dining chairs while seated. Also make sure the shape either square tables or circle, the style, and colour of the dining room match the tone and mood of the entire house. You may select antique, contemporary, bohemian, or traditional types of dining furniture based on your style preference.

7. Best layout for dining rooms you can place the dining table in the corner of a room or place it in the center of a room or near the window to let more light shine in. Placing bookshelves or crockery shelves near the table can add a storage space to stock up on glasses, bottles, and extra crockery. Depending on the elegant or casual look, the layout of the dining room can be altered. It can be made small and cozy and at the same time.

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8. Add your personal touch Adding in some extra elements can give the dining area a subtle and personalized touch. Using candles, incense, rugs, table mats, photo frames, curios, antique pieces, portraits, decorative mirrors, potted plants, lamp shades, flower vases, etc can elevate the elegance and charisma of a dining room.

Now that you know what all elements are to be considered while designing your own dining area, make sure to include all these elements and additions in the dining area to bring out the best of your dining experience . Talk to our dining room designer at FabModula, the best interior designing company in Bangalore to figure out the best dining interior that suits your home. With 17 years of experience in the field of home interiors and designing, FabModula has the expertise and the professionalism to make your dream home into a reality.

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