Ugadi decoration ideas to welcome the New Year

Ugadi, observed on March 22, marks the New Year according to the Hindu lunar calendar, especially for the people of Telangana, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. The word Ugadi is derived from the Sanskrit word yuga meaning age and adi meaning beginning. translates to "the beginning of a new age". Read on to know about some stylish and trendy Ugadi decoration ideas at home you can try.

The Kannadiga people use the term Yugadi and it is considered a fresh start or a new beginning, where people start to clean homes, and buy new clothes and items to welcome the new Hindu year. People offer prayers, wear their favourite attire, draw rangoli, decorate their living rooms, enhance their home decor and take part in festivities, and feast on traditional Ugadi dishes.

Ugadi decoration ideas at home you can try to implement can make your home cheerful and fun-filled with family and loved ones. Here are some home decor ideas for you to adopt during Ugadi festive:

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1. Neem & Mango leaves Thoran - The traditional way to decorate your home is by using neem, mango leaves, and a small banana tree. It is considered a sustainable thoran to adorn outside your doors. Mango leaves are easily available in your garden or backyard and you can always buy fresh flowers like jasmine and marigold from the market. You may also extend the same decoration to the living room as well as on the entrance or door of the pooja room.

2. Fresh flowers - Add a touch of floral; using fresh flowers can enliven and cheer up any home and create a welcoming atmosphere and spread positivity and happiness. Seasonal flowers make beautiful decorations.They can be used as a centerpiece on dining tables. They can also be arranged in vases and placed on coffee tables for a perfect living room decor. It can also be used as a flower garland on the door entrance as well as in pooja rooms.

3. Rangoli designs - What makes every festival vibrant is the use of colours, rangoli is by far the most colourful design pattern you can use in front of the door to welcome guests. There are quite a lot of designs for you to choose from to add to the festive vibes.

4. Pooja room cleaning - Pooja room needs to be spick and span and cleaned off any dust particles. The idols and utensils used must be polished and organized well before the festivities. The pooja room can also be decorated with fresh flowers and incense sticks used for fragrance.

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5. Fragrance of all kinds - Place scented candles, potpourri, incense sticks, sweet-smelling plants, and fragrance oils can be placed inside the home to make it smell sweet, and pleasant creating an aromatic atmosphere when guests arrive.

6. Best time to buy new furniture - The right time to buy new furniture is now, if you have been saving up to buy a new sofa, bed, furniture, or TV set then now is the right time to buy. Replace your old and damaged furniture with new ones, as you will be welcoming a lot of guests during the festival, and naturally, your home decor must look its best.

7. Kitchen makeover - Your kitchen may have suffered enough over the years, now may be a good time to give your kitchen a makeover. Give a fresh dab of paint, new cutlery, tiles, storage cupboards, cabinets, appliances, etc. If anything is broken, damaged, or ruined then now may be the right time to replace them with new ones.

8. Festive lighting - Make your home look bright and radiant with ethnic lamps and other decorative lights. The use of string lights or fairy lights can make your home look magical, and festive as well as add warmth. Make sure to discard lights that are not working or which have become dim over the years. Use new lighting to brighten your lives and give your home a luminous look as part of Ugadi decorations.

9. Ethnic interiors - Decorate your home interiors and living room decor with ethnic Indian prints or silk fabric for cushions, table covers, throws, linen sheets, curtains, carpets, etc. You can also add some Indian element home decor accessories like elephants, decorative wall hangings, terracotta pots, sculptures, windchimes, bells, etc to enhance your home or add a visual appeal.

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10. Re-paint your homes - Now may be a good time to redo your walls and give a fresh paint job. Transform your homes with bright and bold colours of paint or wallpaper. New walls can give new life to your homes and Ugadi is the perfect time to repaint your homes. Adding sufficient wall decor for living room can easily complement your wall paints.

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We at FabModula wish a Happy Ugadi to you and your family.

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