Modular kitchen interior designs for small kitchen

With increased urbanization of Indian cities and people wanting to move out of joint families and start their own nuclear families have led to them accommodating independent homes and flats. Giving them the freedom to furnish and decorate their homes in the way their heart desires. While all rooms are equally important, the kitchen gains the most priority for it is the heart of every home.

A modular kitchen has become imperative in all homes, for it gives a modern touch and is more functional and convenient than any other kitchen interior. Regardless of the space, kitchens can be made classy and beautiful with the right interior design and planning. Modular kitchens are easy to accommodate in any home with a big or small kitchen. We at Fabmodula ensure that they utilize the available space to its maximum potential while designing a small kitchen.

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Incorporating a few changes and add-ons can give you the perfect modular kitchen you ever wanted in your cozy little home. Space saving is one of the core factors that make modular kitchens in demand and popular. So if you are currently owning a small kitchen or an open kitchen, you can consider the below points to make the most out of your modular kitchen.

1. Utilize the walls - If you have a space constraint then always utilize the walls for cabinet space, racks, and open shelves to display your crockery and dishware. This can provide you with enough counter space and also keep things within your reach.

2. Pullout cabinets - You can never have enough cabinets when in a kitchen. Pullout cabinets are a good replacement compared to free-standing cabinets as they save space and keep things out of reach giving a more organized feel. They are most useful for storing large utensils and are made using affordable and durable materials. Drawer cabinets are best designed under the countertop to stock your cutlery, dishes, and cups for easy access and organization.

3. Corner units - You can increase the storage space by taking up the corner units. An independent rotating shelf in the corner unit can be used to store pots, pans, large utensils, and even appliances for effective storage and accessibility.

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4. Built-in appliances - Instead of crowding the countertop with utensils and appliances, you can make a built-in cabinet to store the appliances which can be pulled out for use and stored back into the cabinet after use. This makes the kitchen look more organized and clutter-free.

5. Folding table - Tables are quite necessary for a kitchen, for having a quick snack or breakfast, to be worked on, cutting vegetables, rolling bread, etc. If you have a smaller kitchen then, a kitchen table or an island kitchen takes up a lot of space hence invest in a collapsible or folding table, for you can store it away once the requirement is met and makes the kitchen more spacious.

6. Modular Storage - Organising your kitchen is certainly a task, it involves making space to allocate in the form of modular drawers, more utensils, and stackable containers so that your kitchen looks more organized and not crowded.

7. Overhead storage - Utilize the overhead space and align cabinets from the ceiling to the floor for optimal storage. You can always use a ladder to reach the upper cabinets which are mostly not reachable. Overhead storage can be used to store away the least used utensils. A rack or shelf can store a lot of kitchen essentials and give a neat and clutter-free look to your kitchen. You can add rods with hooks on the wall below the overhead cabinets for hanging ladles, strainers, or even mugs.

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At FabModula, the best interior designer in Bangalore provides efficient and smart design solutions to build an impressive kitchen. By incorporating these space-saving ideas into your modular kitchen design, you can create a functional and efficient kitchen in your home while maximizing storage space. We can provide your kitchen with the best makeover to make your life most convenient and pleasing. Make modular kitchens an inevitable part of every home with FabModula, the best home interiors in Bangalore.

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