Luxury Interior Design Ideas For Urban Homes

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Home interiors are designed based on comfort, luxury, convenience and functionality. Should you wish to prioritize the second option, we have some ideas lined up for you to consider when deciding on your home interior. Being one of the best interior designers in Bangalore, we know that everyone dreams of a beautiful and luxurious home. A perfectly designed home will be the true epitome of luxury, the importance of home interiors and their popularity have skyrocketed these days with the client’s constant learning process about interior designs in magazines, social media platforms, and YouTube videos as well as their constant travels across the world.

We love designing a home from the client’s perception of what they wish to see and feel in their home because it gives them a sense of pride, sophistication, and accomplishment at the mere sight. Owning or possessing a piece of luxury gives immense satisfaction. While it is a general tendency to associate the quality of the product with its price, the most expensive products are always believed to be of top quality. Presently luxury is connected not with the price but with the experience, quality, durability, elegance, and individuality.

You need not necessarily fill your homes with luxurious items for a posh or classic look. Luxury items can simply mean the use of high-quality material of the highest standard that lasts for a long time making a lasting impression on the guests. So here are some luxury interior design ideas to adorn your home from FabModula, the best interior designer in Bangalore.

1. Wall Panelling - Single-coloured walls have become plain and boring; wallpaper is an option but it is not luxurious enough! A better option to add some luxury to your walls would be to use panelling. Wall panels are capable of making any living space look a million bucks worth! They add an exquisite look to your living spaces giving them a royal and refined finish. Wooden panelling works best with light shades giving a fresh and natural look to your homes, brightening them up instantly. You can add 3D panels in wood for a textured wall or add various coloured stones for stone wall cladding. Adding a herringbone or chevron pattern for wooden panelling will uplift your homes making them look spellbound and opulent.

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2. Chandelier & Mood Lighting - Lighting imparts a sense of warmth and can add a lot of drama to our living spaces. The conventional concept is that the home has to be brightly lit! While some prefer bright lights, warm and cool lights are also options for contemporary homes. Your house needs to let in as much natural light as possible. Brightly lit rooms accentuate the space. Living rooms make the first-hand impression when guests arrive at your home. It should be brilliantly radiant, warm, and welcoming. Hence, adding a statement chandelier in the living room will enhance the luxury and lavishness of the room with its sparkling and bedazzled beauty. Using hidden lights, contemporary modern lights, lampshades, and spotlights can make your homes look pleasant and give a uber-cool feel as well as a futuristic glow.

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3. Furniture - Furniture adds a lot of character and depth and enhances the luxury of your living spaces. You are to spend quite a lot of time with your guests in your living room. Hence, your living room furniture has to be luxuriously beautiful and also functional giving the guests something to rave about. You can grab the attention of guests with an ornate piece or go antique and aesthetic with a vintage piece or opt for contemporary or modern furniture. Whatever you choose, make sure that it reflects your personality and lifestyle. Your furniture can also be paired with accessories like rugs, cushions, pillows, throws, coffee tables, plants, lampshades, bookshelves, dressers, vases etc to include a rich look to your home. Your furniture has to make a connection with you, and contain a distinctive personality to augment your space. Bespoke furniture handmade by expert craftsmen in their original and traditional way passed down through generations also contributes to making your homes luxuriously stunning.

4. Ceiling - The ceiling, also known as the fifth wall, can instantly make an impression if designed well. Just like the ceilings in churches and cathedrals, your home ceiling can be given an upward slope symmetrical and parallel to the roof. You can also add beams, wallpaper, paint, wood, extravagant light fixtures, art, skirting, moulding, parabolic vault ceiling, false ceiling, etc to make your homes look aesthetic and splendidly luxurious. Mouldings add a grand and visually striking effect to your ceilings that your guests will not be able to stop gazing up. False ceilings and parabolas are also impressive ways to make your ceiling opulent and fancy letting it stand out from the rest of the rooms in your house. According to some of the best interior designers in Bangalore, adding these visual elements to your ceiling can enhance and make the room taller and more remarkable.

5. Display of Art - Art has always captured the interest of the elite, rich and famous hence it is on the list of luxurious items to decorate your homes. Heavy and full-size paintings make your home luxurious and high-end. Good contemporary paintings can bring out an element of sophistication and class that are most appreciated and admired by the elite members of society. They are so life-sized and elusive, that they capture the attention when placed in any corner of the room. Art can be in any form, sculpture, painting, photography, pottery, digital art, literature etc. Each form of art is interpreted by people differently and also uniquely affects their feelings and emotions. Art is diverse, vast, abstract, and unique and always contributes as a luxury element to adorn your homes.

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Now you are informed and aware of the different elements to include in your home interiors to give it a luxurious and rich look and feel. When you consider giving your home a facelift be sure to choose only the best interior designers in Bangalore.

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