Eco-Friendly Diwali Interior Decoration ideas for your home

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Diwali celebrated on October 24 is the festival of lights to invite goddess lakshmi into our lives and homes. And while diyas and candles are lit up illuminating the entire home making the pooja room enchanting and spiritual for lakshmi puja as well as govardhan puja, you can always try various other means by which you can light up Diwali vibes in your own home. We clean our homes and keep them spick and span to welcome guests at the same time beautifying our homes with Diwali interior decoration ideas. Ready-made decorating options are readily available to buy at any store, but why not deviate from the usual norm and try something different that might help sustain our planet and save it from turning it into a dump yard? The use of recycled, eco-friendly, and natural materials can equally make your home festive-ready. Instead of suffocating our planet with more landfill produced from one-time decorative items, why not invest your time and effort towards sustaining our planet using natural and eco-friendly decorations? Below are some Diwali interior decoration ideas put forth by FabModula for a sustainable Diwali 2022.

1.Use of recycled materials - You can use your old clothes or fabric to cut into your desired shape and stitch together to make a thoran or garland. Refrain from buying new diyas, if you have your old ones, give them a fresh dab of paint and they will look good as new. Try recycling everyday items like paper cups, glitter papers, etc, and get crafty to create the most decorative homes this Diwali.


2.Use of newspapers for wrapping gifts - Gifts are always welcomed and are a ritual observed by friends and family during Diwali. You can refrain from using expensive gift wrapping papers and just go with a normal newspaper to wrap up the gifts. Or just give the gifts as it is without wrapping them to add to the surprise element.

3.Ban firecrackers - Firecrackers are an unavoidable element during this festive season, as much as we enjoy seeing the big spectacle of light, colour, and sound, it adds to air and noise pollution which again is the main concern of our planet's health. Though an important part of festivals, it can scare birds and tiny creatures living in trees because of the loud noise. Firecrackers contain toxic chemicals and gases which can harm the health of humans.

4.Make rangoli with rice powder - Rangoli is a must diwali home decor at any home, a magical explosion of colours bringing good fortune and making Diwali colourful. Buying rangoli powder from shops may have many additives and coloured chemicals that are harmful to the skin. Rangoli can be easily made at home with rice powder, semolina, salt, etc which is a good alternative and naturally viable. Haldi, sindhoor, or food colouring can be used to give rangoli its desired colour.

5.Use biodegradable utensils - When guests come over, there will be a lot of crockery and utensils to be used. And if plastic cups, boxes, and plates are used it will just add up to more landfill, instead use biodegradable or compostable utensils, paper boxes, and leaves or stick to using metal spoons and plates. The guests can also be encouraged to bring their utensils to take back any leftovers. This should be made a norm so that we can contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly Diwali 2022.


6.Use LED lamps to save energy - Switch off lights and fans when not in use and swap to LED lamps instead of old bulbs, CFLs, and halogen. They have a longer life, save energy, and are better for the environment because it reduces carbon footprint. Switch off light decorations, string lights, fairy lights when not in use to avoid waste of energy.

7.Give potted plants or seeds as gifts - Giving away gifts may be customary but instead of giving worldly or consumer goods that are expensive and oddly satisfying, we can always invest in giving potted or flowering plants as they are a classic gift appropriate for all occasions. Plants are a good diwali decor idea, as it can be replanted into your garden or left in the pot to be taken care of. It is also satisfying to see the plant grow and bloom.

FabModula, as one of the best interior designers in Bangalore is always on the lookout for options and ideas to sustain our planet, earth. Now that you are aware of the sustainable diwali decoration items to adopt and interior design ideas to adorn your homes, let's adopt the most eco-friendly and natural forms of diwali home decorations ideas to make our home beautiful as well as save our planet.

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