DIY Ideas to Decorate Your Home for Independence Day

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India celebrates its 75 years of Independence on August 15, 2022. The peace and freedom we are enjoying in this glorious country is because of the struggle India put up against the British. Every Indian feels a sense of pride and patriotism and remembers the freedom fighters who sacrificed and laid down their lives so we could celebrate freedom every single day since 1947. For every Indian, it is indeed a special emotion to celebrate by adding the colours of patriotism to your luxury home interiors.

We all know what colours best suit on a day as special as Independence Day; green, white, and saffron. The most common and popular décor adopted by all on this special day is adorning your homes with the Indian flag. Let’s pay tribute to our country as we celebrate the 75th year of Independence, our Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. Here are some DIY decorating ideas and designs for home interiors we thought you could easily implement and become a part of the celebrations.

1. Tricolour cushions to adorn your living rooms - Cushions on a sofa are must-haves! What better way to decorate your living rooms than by using printed or plain green, white, and saffron-coloured cushions to add an Indian touch to your rooms? You can also use the three colours simultaneously as a table cloth, runners, and placemats and make your luxury home interiors in Bangalore feel more Indian than ever. This is a simple décor idea that can be easily implemented to celebrate the day of our nation.

2. Use of natural flowers - Lotus, our beautiful national flower can be placed in any corner of the house. It will spread the beauty and fragrance in the entire house, it shall remain fresh for 2-3 days if placed in a bowl of water. You can also place fresh flowers in a vase to brighten the living space. Luxury home interiors in Bangalore will always have space for fresh flowers in all rooms to add that special and royal feeling. Orange and white flowers with the addition of green leaves or ferns to form a tricolour arrangement can be beautifully placed on a dining table, window sill, or your favourite corner.

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3. Using Indian handicrafts and textiles - India is rich in its heritage and culture something which they have imparted into its textile too. Various techniques of textile printing used in India are well known and their contribution to the entire world knows no bounds. You can try to use fabrics like Kantha work, block print, ikat, etc on bedsheets, pillow covers, curtains, rugs, throw, cushion covers, etc, and even as a form of wall art on this special day. Handicrafts are a true reflection of what Indian culture exclusively is promising - beauty, dignity, ethnicity, and more. The most luxurious home interiors in Bangalore use Kashmiri woollen carpets, terracotta, cane or bamboo products, blue pottery, and wooden idols, to name a few, as décor to commemorate Independence Day.

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4. Using Khadi Décor - Khadi has a huge role in Indian history, starting from the only handwoven fabric Mahatma Gandhi endorsed and hand-spun himself making it all the more special. The fabric gains high praise and appreciation all over the world, and we can use them at home too, to show our support to the motherland. Khadi can be used as a bedsheet, sofa cushion covers, curtains, wall art, etc. Khadi also gives a sustainable vibe and a very earthy and Indian feel to your homes.

5. Use of Indian portraits and books - Put on display, portraits of Mahatma Gandhi, freedom fighters, or pictures of the Indian landscape in your home to show your patriotism. An eye-catchy painting depicting India in the living room will surely be the attention grabber when your guests arrive. You can also arrange books on India, its history, legends and stories on freedom fighters, Mahatma Gandhi, stories, etc on this particular day. You can also sit with your family and watch a freedom fighter movie, or any classic Indian independence story and pay homage to our motherland.

6. Using tri-colour balloons - Using tri-colour balloons to decorate your home is a quick and easy DIY way to show your patriotism. You can also arrange them into the number 75 to mark the number of years of independence.

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7. Follow your DIY instincts - You can also invest in craft paper, especially in orange, white, and green colour to make lanterns, flowers, ribbons, danglers, paper mobiles, garlands, cards, badges, peacocks, wreaths, dream catchers, etc.

These are some of the ideas we feel you can adopt to make your luxury home interior in Bangalore.FabModula have a very Indian feel and add a patriotic touch to pay homage to our beautiful country

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