7 Interior Designing Themes for Your Living Room

When someone comes home, we ask them to have seats in the living room/front room/sitting room/lounge room. This room is mainly in apartments or residential houses and gives a beautiful look to the whole house. People can sit here, talk, watch television, and relax. This room is the soul of the whole house. People today build their houses with a full heart and build them with love. They hire interior designers to give the best look to their house. Designing the interior is too complicated because of too many interior designing themes, so people hire designers to change the look of their houses.

FabModula | Themes for Living Room

There are the best living room interior designers in Bangalore. Following are some of the living room themes-

  • Modern theme - For a modern look living room, spaces are to be seen. It should use the space of the room well. The furniture should be clean looking with a finished look, glossy stone. The room gives a warm feel and difference.
  • Contemporary theme - This style brings colours and designs to the room. It invites trending designs with textures in furniture but still keeping it sophisticated.
  • Traditional theme - People who love art and want to give a cultural touch to their living room, may use local artwork, handicrafts, and good colours for this purpose. People choose pictures with animals, birds or elephants in it.
  • Vintage theme- People who like vintage look can go for a soothing and light colour scheme and put some family heritage goods to give a 60’s and 50’s look.
  • Rock theme - If one like the 60’s to 90’s look can use glass objects, paintings of that era’s actresses, retro telephone, etc. One can also go for a white and black theme or may use bold colours and prints on the floor.
  • Eclectic theme - This theme gives a bohemia feel and has no other strict rules. One can mix and match colours and textures and put them together. It gives an attractive look and gives a fun look to the living room.
  • Rustic theme - Things that are close to nature are kept in the room to give a rustic theme. And colours chosen in this theme are green, beige, brown that gives a raw look. One can also add a fireplace, stone walls, animal prints, etc.

Out of so many good themes, it is obviously confusing to choose one. One can always go for the most loved theme, and one can choose which is close to their heart. One chooses the best décor for their home and wants a different look for each and every room. Despite going crazy over choosing the best for your living room or other rooms, one can take help from living room interior designers in Bangalore named Fab Modula. They have the best of the designers who have experience of more than 15 years and have the best communication skills. People can consult them for the best ideas for designing their home.

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