5 ways to utilize natural resources and make your home sustainable

We are truly blessed to be living on our planet Earth which provides us with the most beautiful and amazing natural resources. The environment, atmosphere, the air we breathe in, the natural sunlight, cool breeze, and everything available to us in abundance; we just have to make use of them wisely so that they last longer for the next generations as well to enjoy. While building our dream home, we can utilize them and save energy, contributing towards an energy-efficient and eco friendly lifestyle. We can reduce the consumption of electrical appliances if we utilize them wisely and smartly. Below are some natural ways we can adopt to make our homes smarter in the most sustainable way.

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1. Using natural light -When designing your home, place windows appropriately so that there is a good amount of natural sunlight making the home bright and warm during the days. We are truly blessed with an uninterrupted supply of vitamin D-rich sunlight that benefits the human race and the planet at large. You can utilize natural sunlight, just like a green home and make the rooms brighter in the mornings without the need to put on the lights inside the rooms. Adopt this sustainable architecture to make your home bright and always radiant in the mornings.

2. Plant more trees - Planting more trees helps absorb the heat and promotes a cooling atmosphere indoors and outdoors. Trees help filter the air that surrounds us and offer more shade, fruits, and fresh oxygen for us to breathe in. More than that, watching the green trees give a more pleasing view to the eyes. You may also add more potted plants, succulents, and indoor plants within the room to increase the fresh oxygen airflow and for decorative purposes. You can also consider growing your vegetable garden, herbs, and spices adding more environmental sustainability.

3. More ventilation - Adding more windows, cross-ventilation, and doors can take care of natural airflow, moisture control and keeps the home cool during summer months. This also reduces the use of fans, coolers and air conditioners saving energy during the day time, keeping the home cool at night. These homes will be more comfortable to stay in and even healthier for its green architecture. Ventilation small or big keeps the air circulated, expelling out the stale air and maintaining the freshness in our homes. Placing mosquito nets on the ventilation keeps insects and flies away making homes always fresh and cool.

4. Solar-powered devices -Let's utilize a little more of sun's light, for it is available in abundance and must not be wasted. Solar panels let you save energy and generate electricity on your own, cutting down on electricity bills. Water heating, lighting, and all forms of electric uses that are essential to all homes can now be powered by solar energy. This not only saves energy but also reduces consumption and contributes towards an energy-efficient home promoting sustainable development.

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5. Energy-efficient lighting - If you have older light bulbs then they may consume more energy hence, it is always a good idea to switch to LED bulbs to save money as they last longer. Using compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) may be good but switching to LED is a smart option helping save energy as well as electricity bill. Especially when you have kids who leave the lights on, the LED will be an energy-efficient option.

Once you start designing your own home, you will know what changes need to be made to make your home more energy efficient, cutting down on your electricity bill. Talk with our team of designers at FabModula, the best interior designing company in Bangalore, and figure out ways by which you can make use of sustainable materials to make your home sustainable in the most natural and eco friendly way. With 17 years of experience in the field of home interiors and design, FabModula has the expertise and professionalism to make your dream home a reality.

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