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U Shaped Modular Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore

There are many kitchen designs that modern households prefer, but one of the most practical kitchen layouts is the U shaped modular kitchen design. It makes use of even the smallest culinary space. There are other benefits of the U shaped kitchen as well. It only maximizes the storage and counter space but also makes your cooking area organized and free of clutter.

The kitchen is a space where you spend a significant amount of time from your day. On average, you cook 3 meals a day. Apart from cooking the meals, you spend time preparing for the meal, chopping, cleaning, and doing another small course. When you spend so much time in the kitchen, shouldn't it be a visually appealing and functional space? The kitchen area should be such that you can work comfortably there while cooking your meals. Your kitchen should be a positive and vibrant space as it is believed that your mood has an impact on your food.

About the U shaped kitchen

The U shaped kitchen is the one that has three adjoining walls in the shape of the alphabet U with an open end for access. It is one of the most efficient kitchen layouts that frees up the floor space for you as it smartly uses the wall space for mounting appliances, kitchen equipment, and cabinets. When you plan a U shaped kitchen layout for your home on your own, it can be a tricky affair as you will get confused while trying to figure out the design without missing on important factors.

Why choose us?

For preventing any error in the design, it is best to hire the professionals for U shaped kitchen design in Bangalore. If you are also planning your kitchen or getting your home renovated, connect with us for our professional and experienced U shaped kitchen design.

How can we help?

We are one of the renowned and experienced interior designers in Bangalore. We have an experienced team of a panel that has worked on several projects at different scales. This contributes to our wide portfolio. We can help in transforming your simple kitchen into a functional and beautiful cooking space where you would look forward to cooking happily.

When you connect with us, our team comes and visits your property. After evaluation of the available space, we have a discussion with the client about their expectations. Then we offer consultation and our suggestions for making the most out of the kitchen space. After considering the client's needs and our expert designer's input, we come up with a final design which does justice to your expectations as well as needs.

We do everything on your behalf as we know our job the best. However, the client is kept in the loop in all communication, and their approval is taken at every step. Once the U shaped modular kitchen design is ready, we work on other aspects of the kitchen such as furniture, cabinets, windows, lights, chimneys, and more for completing the design of the kitchen. The colours of the walls are chosen as per the tempo you wish to set for your cooking space.

The same applies to light. While some people like bright lights, others love warm lights in their cooking space. However, the lighting should be sufficient enough to support visibility which is a must while cooking. Also, the kitchen must have proper ventilation and if possible natural lighting.

Benefits of having a U shaped Kitchen

With counter space on three sides, this type of kitchen offers optimum space for cooking. This type of kitchen works well irrespective of the size of the kitchen space. It helps in having an uncluttered and easy to clean space. When two opposite walls run in equal length, the symmetry offers clean and balanced aesthetics to your kitchen.

The U shaped design also makes it easy to access any part of the kitchen without needing to move a lot. Yet another benefit of the U shaped kitchen is that it can transform the tricky areas such as nooks and corners into storage spaces with the help of smart storage items. This type of kitchen allows reaching all the appliances and ingredients easily. Not just that, it also allows more than one people to cook at once if the size of the U shape is large.

Apart from having an easy working triangle, you also have scope for designing the kitchen with flexibility. The U shaped kitchen design in Bangalore is compatible with both small and big kitchen spaces, and it goes with open-plan kitchens as well. It offers cook-friendly, and well-organized working area as the layout is very functional.

Layout options for U shaped kitchen

Thin U shaped kitchen

If your kitchen has confined space, thin U shaped can be a perfect choice. It reduces the space between two opposite wings and increases the number of walls and overhead cabinets.

Classic U shaped kitchen

It is the basic layout which consists of three walls forming a 'U' shape. If you like to keep it simple, this design is best for you.

U shaped kitchen with an island

You can also ass a central island in a U shaped kitchen when the shape of the U grows larger. This will add bench space and offer extra room for performing various activities such as dining, chopping, carrying out dry works, interacting with guests, and so much more.

Shallow u-shaped kitchen

If you have a long and narrow kitchen space, then a shallow U-shaped kitchen is an ideal design for you. It can enhance the width of your kitchen and help in making the most of the available space. If one of the wings of the U shaped kitchen is not against a wall, you can ass two or three chairs and make it a dining room. This way, you will be able to host kitchen dinner for guests.

For U shaped kitchen designers, connect with our team for discussing the design and quotation.

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