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Best Parents Room Interior Designers in Bangalore

When designing or renovating your home, every room is important, but the task of designing your parent's home is all the more challenging. This is because when parents are growing old, their room needs to be more comforting and safer than appealing to the eyes. You need to think beyond the colours of the walls and curtains and artefacts. The room needs to be soothing and older-friendly so that they feel comfortable spending their time in the bedroom. It also needs to be safe for preventing injuries.

However, you need not worry about the parent's room interior design as professionals are at your rescue. We can help in coming with a unique and safe design for your parent's bedroom after thorough contemplation and brainstorming.

Why you need professionals for designer parent's room?

You might feel that designing parent's room is just like doing any other room, but there are several challenges. The prime focus needs to be the well-being of parents and considering any specific health issues or physical challenges that they have. The interior needs to be done in a way that they can safely move around and spend a pleasant time in their bedroom.

The parent's room interior design ideas are ample, but what is best for elderly people and what meets your needs can be determined by the professional designers well.

Why choose our parent's room interior designers in Bangalore?

Though the interiors need to be comfortable and safe, it doesn't mean we compromise on the aesthetics aspect. We have a collaborative approach wherein our parent's room interior designers, and you work combined on the project. We involve you throughout the process. We first evaluate and inspect the room and then discuss your expectations. Further, we offer consultation about what we can provide and what is suitable for the room.

We also help in choosing the right furniture and other elements of the room. While we do everything, you are always kept in the loop, and every decision is taken after your approval. No matter if the size of the room is big or small, and if you have a limited or elaborate budget. We can make the most of it with our creative and efficient designing team. Our panel of a team is experienced and has worked on various projects involving simple to complex designs. It gives them an edge and enables them to offer unique and innovative designs that are tailor-made for you.

Our experts understand the practical needs and specific requirements of the elderly parents on a routine basis. Apart from taking care of safety and comfort, our team also takes care of the emotional aspect by incorporating elements that are close to heart, such as family pictures, favourite books, and much more. This helps your parents feel comfortable and happy in their own personal space.

After all, the main aim of doing the interiors of a space is to make the occupants feel better and comfortable. Thus, our team picks everything carefully right from furniture to the wall colours as they contribute in creating a functional and beautiful space.

Factors considered when designing parent's room

Being one of the best interior designers in Bangalore we look into minute level details as wel. One of the first points to be considered is the space. Your parents should be able to move around freely and avoid accidents and falls that can cause injuries, especially at night. Thus, the design needs to be minimal and sober. There is no space for unnecessary clutter, taking extra space in their room. Creating a safe home environment for your parents is a priority.

Another point to be taken into consideration is the height of the bed. We don't need fancy designs here. We need a simple bed with good height so that your parents can sit and stand comfortably as and when they want. A bed with a smaller height can cause them to inconvenience, especially people with knee and joint issues. We also choose spacious bedside tables so that the parents can keep their essentials near to them and handy when in need. The lamps and light switches should be approachable so that they can have access to lighting.

The furniture we choose is age-appropriate so that they can sit and stand comfortably. Good lighting and ventilation is a must for their room so that they can breathe fresh air even if they don't move out of the room. Even the flooring is chosen wisely so that the parents don't slip. Our experts take care of these small nuances to create an elder-friendly room.

Apart from taking care of all of these factors, we never allow the designs to be boring and dull. We choose the best colours for walls, lights, curtains, cushions, and bedding to add charm to the room. Not other professionals like carpenters, plumbers, electricians for creating a safe place. With these professionals on-board, it becomes easy to complete the project in sequence and on time. We have a clear and realistic vision of what needs to be done for improving the look of your parent's room.

The bedroom is one such place where parents spend most of their time, especially older parents, when they are not well. It is a must to create a space for them which doesn't make them feel bored, sad, or secluded from the rest of the home. Redoing the interiors can change the feel and vibe of the room and cheer your parents up. You can go for soothing or vibrant colours as per your preference.

Keeping fresh flowers in their room along with wall arts of positive quotes or deities can make your parents happy. For elderly people with restricted mobility, we can also create a small temple for them in the bedroom so that they can perform rituals without having to move far away from their room.

For getting best designers parent's room that is aesthetically appealing and comfortable. We can help you gift your parents one of its kind bedrooms. Connect with our team and get a quote today!

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