Have you ever wanted to build your own unique gorgeous replica of an aqua world inside your home? Aquascaping is the answer; with the art of Aquascaping hailing from Japan and products all the way from the Amazon, Fabmodula being one among the top interior designers of Bangalore brings you world-class quality service at your door step. The arrangement of aquatic plants, rocks, stones, cavework and many more in an aestetically pleasing manner is what this craft offers you.

Aquascaping is the shaping or ‘scaping’ of an aquarium; it involves the setting up of aquatic plants, alongside with rocks, stones, cavework, or driftwood, in an aesthetically appealing manner, in effect this also opens opportunities for gardening under water. Aquascaping offers you umpteen number of options with a number of distinct styles such as the Dutch style, Taiwanese style, Iwagumi style, Jungle style, many more and definitely YOUR OWN STYLE.

Are you worried about Aquascaping being too expensive? As it is possible to create an Aquascape with plants only, or with rockwork or other hardscape and no plants,or be it any way you want, we can always fit the expense into your pocket friendly budget.

Creating an underwater landscape is the primary aim and Fabmodulacan guarantee you our best at it! Being one of the few aqauscapers in Bangalore, we offer you international quality service with our own Aquascape specialist with improved knowledge of the Japanese technology to guide you through all your queries.

Invite yourself and your guests into a voyeuristic peak through the crystal clear waters into the aquatic world and beyond with Fabmodula guiding you through it all.