Four ways to give your home a small makeover in quarantine

With almost the entire world being in a state of lockdown due to the novel coronavirus, we have ample amount of time now that we are home bound. This is the time to let your interior designing skills become known. You can give your house a small DIY makeover. You can change the look and freshen up the home ambience by even simply rearranging the home furniture. Below, we list four ways by which you can take care of your home and give it a new look at a time when the coronavirus pandemic affect interior design is rampant.

FabModula living room with table, chairs, bed, stairs and indoor plants
  1. Rearrange home furniture- looking at the same old furniture being positioned at a particular place for years can make it look monotonous. Rearrange the furniture to give the home a new outlook. For example, you could change the position of the living room sofa and sew new cushion covers. You can also interchange the lamps of the rooms. You can change the curtains and bedsheets to a newer one that you already have in the house. A benefit of this type of makeover is that you do not need to incur a cost, and you can do wonders with the existing items.
  2. Declutter and organize - now that you have all the free time, you can start with the decluttering process. Dispose of all the unwanted and useless things in the house. Clean the wardrobes by giving away old clothes that do not fit you. Decluttering helps the home get more space. Once the home is decluttered, you can organize your home space well. Take each room by turn. You can give away the unwanted things that are in good condition to the needy or my even use it for recycling purpose.
  3. Decorate home with indoor plants - plants are not only good for the environment but are also therapeutic in nature as it keeps depression, anxiety and stress at bay. The home ambience is one of happiness and positivity when there is greenery in the house. Not only does it enliven your mood and makes you feel lively, but it also adds colour and an aesthetic appeal to your house.
  4. Check for improvement and maintenance - this is the time when you can supervise your home condition in the best possible manner. Check if any part of the house needs a minor renovation or up-gradation. For example, you can bring new Led lights or bulbs instead of using the old ones. This will make your home ambience cosy and warm. Kitchen cabinets can be dusted and cleaned. These may seem minor tasks, but it changes the outlook of the home in many ways.

We hope the above ways of taking care of your home and giving it a new look will be helpful to you at a time when the coronavirus impacts interior designers. This way you will spend your quarantine in a fun manner with your family.

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