5 reasons why you should design your Home with Houseplants

Plants add life to your home interiors. It’s no secret that the bare bits of your home interiors can be accentuated with houseplants, but the versatility of indoor plants can work wonders beyond using them as simple accents. They can be used in numerous different ways -- to add color to interiors, to create a refreshing and relaxing mood or to purify the air. Enhance and refresh the room’s interior décor ambience with an abundance of green.

To help make things easier, here are 5 tips by FabModula, one of the Top Interior Designing Company in Bangalore (HSR layout and Sarjapur road), on why to bring plenty of the outside in, as you design your dream interiors.

FabModula living room with table, chairs, bed, stairs and indoor plants

Functional design element – Interior divider

Large indoor shrubs or trees are the perfect solution for dividing one functional interior space from another. Using plants as dividers is a light and life-infusing punch to your home interiors.

Soften the geometrical elements of your interiors

Soften architectural elements such as stone paneled walls and wooden columns by accentuating them with indoor plants. You can welcome your guests into an aura of freshness, by incorporating plants at your front door or the large windows of your home interiors.

Fill the corners with style

Cluster of plants can work well, especially in room corners where nothing else looks right. Amalgamate a huge contrast of shapes and sizes of plants to create the perfect look for your interiors.

Statement piece

One large developed tree can add height and drama to an interior space. Enlisted under the list of top interior designers in Bangalore (HSR layout and Sarjapur road), FabModula has been successful in making our own style statements and designs since 2005. Team up with FabModula and you’re ready to move in in no time.


Indoor plants if not placed rightly, can break the entire look and feel of the home interiors. Consider the volume as well as overall height and width of the plant, to fill up the interior space perfectly. You don’t want an overwhelming and huge plant in a small space nor one too small for a large space. It’s about finding the right balance, with perfect proportions. Listed among the leading interior designers in Bangalore, we shall keep your home interiors and all that comes with it in sync, as we design your interiors.

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